Orange jam with ginger
Orange jam with ginger
Orange jam with ginger
Product description
The highlight of the season. Orange jam with ginger has the following characteristics: - dense thick consistency, - pronounced taste - saturated color. Orange jam with ginger is an exclusive product that has no analogues on the Russian market. Manufactured using a unique technology. A distinctive feature is that the jam is not cooked but baked in the oven for 3 to 5 hours, retaining all the useful properties. We provide our partners with a wide range of products and a flexible system of discounts. The order can be made through the form on the website, e-mail, as well as by phone. Shipment is carried out after 100% payment (50% for large wholesale). There is a deferred payment for regular customers. Delivery to the transport company is free of charge. Shipping costs by the transport company are paid by the Buyer. For orders over 5 tons, delivery by our transport is possible. Source: Learn more

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