LP scotch tape
LP scotch tape
LP scotch tape
LP scotch tape
LP scotch tape
Product description
Adhesive tape LP-911, LP-900, LP-421, LP-401 Double-sided adhesive tapes are used to join various materials in the production of advertising structures and branding design. Replaces welding, rivets, liquid nails and other mounting methods. Before gluing, the surfaces must be cleaned, degreased and dried. Scope: - LP-911 - used for mounting and fixing POS-materials and advertising structures, interior works and light loads; - LP-900 - a wide range of applications, suitable for joining wood, metals, plastic, fabric, glass, painted surfaces (including powder-coated) and banner fabric, decoration of points of sale, installation of signs, plates, manufacturing of pockets for stands, etc .; - LP-421 - suitable for any materials, including those with an uneven surface; assembly of advertising structures, installation of glass partitions, etc .; - LP-401 - suitable for any materials, including those with an uneven surface; for the assembly of light boxes, advertising structures, glass installation, production of pockets for stands, etc. Features: - LP-911 - suitable for joining low-energy plastics (polyethylene and polypropylene), resistance to solvents and high temperatures; - LP-900 - high initial adhesion, high peel and shear strength, translucent red liner; - LP-421 - the ability to apply at low temperatures (from 0 ° C); highly elastic base that can compensate for surface irregularities; maximum strength on powder coatings, composite materials, plastics; - LP-401 - creates a waterproof connection, resistant to ultraviolet light, retains the strength of the connection under mechanical stress, shock, shaking; adheres well to rough surfaces.
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