Школьная форма
Школьная форма
Школьная форма
Школьная форма
Школьная форма
Школьная форма
Школьная форма
Школьная форма
Product description
Wunderkids has been producing school uniforms for more than 7 years. Favorable conditions for cooperation: 1. There is no minimum lot 2. You can order not with "rulers", but with the required dimensions in the right quantity. 3. Large measured grid: girls from 26/116 to 56/176, boys from 26/116 to 68/206 4. Lack of fixed sets, everything can be ordered separately, the so-called assemble the kit that you need. 5. Delivery to the transport at our expense 6. Flexible system of discounts depending on the term and amount of prepayment. 7. We send samples at the lowest prices. You know for sure that you will not receive a "pig in a poke" 8. Refund of 10% of the total amount of the order at the end of the season. 9. It is convenient to work, because for the next season you can order only the missing sizes and you again have a complete set of the same fabric. Minimum leftovers !!! 10. We always go on a dialogue with the buyer and try to take into account all your needs and consider new options for cooperation.
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