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USD 24.14/pcs 24.14
The W5 sports shorts in red and white are designed for Muay Thai to provide maximum comfort for Muay Thai fighters, especially when taking high kicks. Made from lightweight satin fabric. In order for the athlete to move freely, the shorts are made in a shortened version. The fabric is breathable, durable, does not cause allergic reactions. The wide elastic waistband holds the shorts well, preventing them from twisting or falling off. The product is well washed and does not fade. Details: wide elastic waist with drawstring, contrast print.
USD 35.5/pcs 35.5
< p>Black W5 shorts are perfect for training. Made of durable but lightweight fabric, they are well-permeable, not hot, and quickly remove moisture. Reinforced seams for greater durability. The belt fastening consists of lacing and Velcro, which allows the shorts to sit tightly on the waist and train without interference. Side slits do not restrict movement, and elastic inserts between the legs provide a good leg span. This model is great for sparring and training. The print pattern is completely sublimated into the fabric and does not fade over time. Easy to care for. Can be washed in the washing machine. Material: 100% polyester.
USD 26.98/pcs 26.98
Comfortable and practical T-shirt W5 is made of high quality COOl PASS membrane fabric. The membrane fabric consists of several layers: the upper wear-resistant layer, the lower soft words, and between them membranes. The use of COOLPASS fabric in the production of sportswear gives the clothing high functionality. Clothing using COOLPASS technology dries much faster than any other workwear and is the most suitable for the inner layer of 3-layer materials. The T-shirt is decorated with a print in the form of the brand logo.
USD 13.49/pcs 13.49
Men's sports shirt W5 - for active training and everyday use. The red model is made of cotton with the addition of lycra. Details: straight fit, round neckline, print on the chest.
USD 1900.0/pcs 1900.0
Comfortable and practical W5 T-shirt with long sleeves in violet color. The main advantage of this model is the material from which it is made. Coolpass is a modern material that has been designed to wick moisture away from the body and keep it dry for a long time. This new type of polyester is 100% breathable microfiber that guarantees better moisture regulation. Clothes using COOLPASS technology dries much faster than any other workwear and is most suitable for the inner layer of 3-layer materials. A layer of COOLPASS clothing directly on the body will immediately transfer the moisture vaporized from the skin to the next layer above. Thus, heat will be retained in winter and return - cooling in summer. Details: loose straight fit, round neckline, long sleeve.
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W5 Sportswear, Moscow.

W5 is a sportswear brand created by the international organization of professional kickboxing, taking into account all the features of these sports and the recommendations of professionals. The organization and the world version of Kickboxing W5 was founded in 2008.
W5 is the first specialized sportswear for professionals and fans of Kickboxing.
It is from the world of martial arts that the ideas of a restrained, concise, time-tested style and design come from. The hardness and straightness of the lines shows the whole strength of the true spirit of the champion. Champion in all categories. Champion in sports, champion at work, champion at home.
In the manufacture of the size range, Russian patterns with standard male and female sizes were taken as a prototype, giving a cracked fit of all models according to the figure. Wear resistant dyes, dense special. The knitting of the products and the double thickness of the suture thread used in the manufacture of W5 Clothing in the aggregate gave additional characteristics to the products: heat resistance and wear resistance. W5 clothing makes it possible to look not only sporty, but also fashionable.
With the participation of the current World Champions and with the assistance of professional coaching teams, we have created a multifaceted model range of sports equipment for martial arts, crossfit, workout, active fitness and running. In the manufacture of sports equipment exclusively advanced technologies are used: the composition of the fabric "polyester 85%, spandex 15%" allows you to create a universal product. It has super-strength and maximum elasticity, capable of increasing 2 times from its own size, while the material is quite thin (second skin), with microfibers that allow you to remove excess moisture, maintain muscle temperature and provide additional comfort during training. And also, the new high-tech membrane fabric “Coolpass” used in the manufacture of equipment for astronauts. Membrane fabric consists of several layers: the upper wear-resistant layer, the lower soft layer and breathing membrane channels are located between them. All W5 sports equipment is silver-plated, which protects the tissue from the development of bacteria and odors.
Thanks to the above properties and advantages, the slogan of the W5 clothing brand sounds like this: “Invisible protection with a visible effect”!
Thank you for visiting our online store and are confident that you will appreciate the quality of our equipment!

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