Rubber boots for men
Rubber boots for men
Rubber boots for men
Product description
Sizes of boots on the insole: 41-25.0 cm, 42-26.0 cm, 43-27.0 cm, 44-27.7 cm, 45-28.5 The presented model of rubber boots is made with the main purpose of protection against moisture due to the absence of seams, the distinguishing feature is the full coverage of the inside of the product with high-quality fur, which contributes to additional protection of the legs from hypothermia. The footwear is made by a molding method and is waterproof. The dense sole and deep tread hide the feeling of sharp stones and knots when walking in difficult places. Boots are indispensable for fishermen, hunters and people whose professional activities require protection from water.
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Rubber boots for men - 77193

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Minimum order: 25 pcs

Supply ability: 9998 pcs/per month

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