Canvas fabric
Canvas fabric
Canvas fabric
Canvas fabric
Canvas fabric
Canvas fabric
Canvas fabric
Product description
Canvas, very popular in the production of tents, shoes, backpacks. The material is characterized by increased density and strength. The first characteristic is provided due to the uniform geometric interweaving of the threads, the second - due to the presence of protective impregnation. It has been compared to canvas, tarpaulin or canvas. Composition It is a two-layer mixed material with a wide range of uses. The outer layer consists of nylon (15%) and polyester (85%), the inner layer is made of natural threads (35%) and synthetic (65%). To improve the strength characteristics, the material is impregnated with wax. Application sewing clothes (casual, sports, military); shoe making; sewing curtains; upholstery for upholstered furniture; manufacturing of bags and backpacks; creation of hats; sewing covers, etc. awnings, tents, hunting furniture. Care Do not wash the fabric if there is no heavy dirt (it is enough to clean it with a dry brush or vacuum it). For difficult stains, it is not necessary to process in the washing machine; you can use a sponge and soapy water. For manual or automatic washing, observe the temperature regime (up to 30 ° C.). Do not iron the fabric, you can simply shake it after washing.
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