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КПБ Шёлк 2сп. с евро простынёй(200*220)

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Bed linen "Marianne" silk

Silk bedding has always been considered indicators of well-being, were symbols of luxury. Therefore, the desire to have silk bedding is present in almost every person at a subconscious level. And, of course, the fact that sets made of this material look amazing and pleasant to the touch plays an important role in popularizing such lingerie. After all, silk is a very smooth and delicate material, the touch of which gives an incredibly pleasant sensation.

But everyone knows that natural silk is very expensive, therefore, products from it have long been considered accessible only to a limited circle of customers. But the bed linen “Marianna” silk , which is present in the assortment of our company, is available for almost all segments of the population. Their affordable price is the result of using high-quality artificial material, which in its properties is not inferior to natural fabric, but even surpasses it in practicality.

Bed linen "Marianne" silk wholesale

The pricing policy of the YulTex company is also called to make silk sets more affordable, because our specialization is bed linen wholesale Ivanovo. By purchasing the Marianna PBC in bulk, you not only acquire high-quality and beautiful underwear, but also save on the purchase. We also took care of the breadth of the assortment so that you can choose everything you need in one place. Very often, buyers who come to Ivanovo to purchase textiles are forced to purchase Marianna bedding in bulk at different locations, as the range does not meet their requirements. In the case of our company this will not happen. You can verify the breadth of choice personally by looking at the catalog presented on our website.

3D silk bedding "Marianne"

Silk itself is very beautiful, and in combination with 3D voluminous drawings, it looks simply luxurious. Therefore, the magnificent Marianna bedding 3D silk is always in high demand among our customers. Such kits are bought both for yourself and as a gift for any occasion.

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