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Ready-to-cook, Chicken products Russia, ул. Надежды, д. 1а
Russia, ул. Надежды, д. 1а

The company "Ruzovo" today is the largest and most technologically equipped enterprise in Russia for the processing of chicken eggs.

The factory is equipped with the most advanced and high-tech equipment for the production of first-class dry egg products of European quality.

Products of deep processing of eggs are used in the bakery, dairy, oil and fat, confectionery industry, in the production of convenience foods and drinks.

Ruzovo CJSC pays special attention to the quality of its products. The presence of our own testing laboratory, equipped with the latest scientific and technical developments, allows us to continuously monitor the quality of incoming raw materials and finished products.

For our customers we provide free delivery of goods, information and technological support with a specialist visit to the production site.

The implementation of the project of the RuzOvo egg-processing factory made it possible to organize a new high-tech, high-tech production in Mordovia, which has no analogues in Russia in terms of equipment and quality of its products, capable of providing the existing food production in the central part of Russia and abroad with high-quality domestic egg raw materials.

Factory design capacity (per month):

  • in the equivalent of dry egg products - 380 tons
  • in the equivalent of liquid egg products - 1480 tons

The choice of the region for the construction of the factory was largely determined by the excellent raw material base, satisfying the organized production in terms of quality and sufficient in volume, as well as its favorable geographical position relative to the main potential consumers.

When choosing a construction site, the distance to the nearest poultry farms was also taken into account - a sanitary-safe zone, which allows the reception and processing of raw materials even if any of the quarantine factories is closed.

The project enjoys the full support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Mordovia and the administration of the Ruzayevsky municipal district.

Conclusions about the prospects and wide possibilities for the development of this direction of processing can be made, based primarily on the easily predicted moderate growth in demand for egg products from food production, which is currently undergoing a process of economic growth.

The sale of finished products is planned both in Russia and abroad. In the marketing strategy of the enterprise, the most important place is occupied by the pricing policy: average prices along with the highest European standards of finished product quality.

The superiority of the RuzOvo factory over other domestic manufacturers is determined by the following main factors:

  1. High quality products. The production of divided egg products that meet European quality standards, significantly higher than domestic counterparts, has been established.
  2. High level of production equipment. The factory is equipped with the most advanced high-tech equipment of leading European manufacturers: France (“ACTINI Processing”, the world leader in the production of pasteurizers and heat exchangers) and Denmark (“ANHYDRO”, the world leader in the production of spray dryers). For the first time in the world, the RuzOvo egg processing plant used the new ANHYDRO technology (Denmark) for drying egg products, which allows to reduce the emission of particulate matter into the atmosphere from 80 to 20 mg / m3. Installed own local treatment facilities.

We achieve high quality products solely by observing innovative processing technology and hygienic cleanliness.

The heart of the enterprise is the innovative development of French scientists - the ACTIFLASH tube pasteurizer, which allows to increase the temperature limit of processing to + 74 ° C, which guarantees excellent quality and increases the shelf life of the final products without the use of preservatives and additives.

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