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Завод упаковочных материалов ООО «НИППОН»

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polyethylene Russia, Конечная
Russia, Конечная

The packaging materials factory NIPPON LLC is a Russian manufacturer of packaging for industrial and commercial enterprises. Direct sale of factory products in bulk, custom production with company logos.


  • stretch film (primary, secondary, color, cut, compact, manual, machine);
  • packing tape (transparent, dark, color, with logo);
  • LDPE polyethylene (shrink, primary, secondary);
  • TU film (POF, PVC);
  • film (BOPP, PVC for a hot table, food grade PE);
  • strepping tape (white, black);
  • tapes: PET (green, black), metal (black + wax, cured, semi-caged, cold rolled)
  • staple production (for polypropylene, PET, metal tape);
  • gloves (cotton dot, double dousing, garnet, nylon);
  • tool (for polypropylene, PET, metal tape);
  • packages (T-shirt, packing, with logo, color);
  • zip lock (bag with a lock);
  • air-bubble film (2-layer, 3-layer, greenhouse);
  • foamed polyethylene (substrate under the laminate).

Wholesale price list, full product catalog, discounts and special prices on request. Official site, address, phone list on the "Contacts" tab.

Delivery: from a warehouse in Russia, to foreign countries for export.

We are looking for dealers, regional suppliers. Wholesale deliveries of individual product packaging with a company logo for trading organizations and businesses.

To buy Nippon packaging materials in bulk, to obtain terms of cooperation or to become a dealer - leave a request on the site.

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