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Refrigerant gas R22 фреон хладагент - 39008

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фреон хладагент Molecular formula CHCLF2 Molecular weight 86.47 Boiling point 101.3Pa(°C) -40.8 Freezing point 101.3Pa(°C) -160.0 Density30°C(kg/m3) 1174.2 Critical temperature(°C) 96.2 Critical pressure(MPa) 4.99 ODP 0.034 GWP 1700 Quality Index purity ≥99.90% Water content ≤0.001% Acidity ≤0.0001% Evaporation residue ≤0.01% Chloride content – Appearance Colorless and clear Odor Odorless Application Chlorodifluoromethane(HCFC-22), a colorless gas at room temperature, is a colorless, non-toxic, nonflammable and transparent liquid under the pressure created by itself. It has excellent thermal and chemical stabilities and no corrosively to metals. Its main applications include refrigerant (-80° C grade), raw materials for PTEE production and intermediate for Halon 1211 production. It is also a blowing agent for extruded polystyrene and polyurethane foams Packing Non-refillable cylinder:13.6kg(30LB),22.7kg(50LB) Refillable cylinder:400L,800L,926L,1000L ISO-TANK

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