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Metal Structures Russia, п. Мегет, ул. Заводская 1
Russia, п. Мегет, ул. Заводская 1

LLC "Plant of metal structures - 38"

The main specialization of the plant is the manufacture of steel building structures, including:

- metal frames of industrial, residential and public buildings according to standard and individual projects;

- modular buildings and structures; - welded beams (T-and I-beams); - tanks of various capacities;

- span structures of road and railway bridges; - inventory formwork and scaffolding;

- fencing of bridges and motor roads of the barrier type; - pylons of high-voltage power lines and cell towers;

- cranked transitions of complex shape;

- silos;

- bins; - resin capacitors;

- charge loaders;

- electrolytic cells


- OTC service;

- Central factory laboratory (TsZL);

- chemical analysis, non-destructive and destructive testing of the base metal and welded joints;

- certified welders and welding specialists;

- certified welding technologies in accordance with the requirements on the application of welding technologies in the manufacture, installation, repair and reconstruction of technical devices for hazardous production facilities under the jurisdiction of Rostekhnadzor and Gosatomnadzor of Russia;

- Modern high-tech equipment from leading manufacturers with digital control;

- specialized departments, qualified personnel in the field of design and manufacture of products;

- metal processing with the greatest possible accuracy;

- special attention to the quality of manufactured products.

Warehouse and office premises from 20 sq. M are also leased. m

We invite to cooperation metal depots, construction companies.

Particularly significant completed projects

- Irkutsk Aluminum Plant (19,834 tons);

- Nukutsky gypsum plant (4,753 tons);

- Taishet aluminum smelter (3 400 tons);

- bulk terminal (port of Vanino, 1,100 tons);

- molecular diagnostic center (Irkutsk, 760 tons);

- sports complex (microdistrict Solnechny, Irkutsk, 390 tons);

- a plant for the production of aerated concrete blocks (Sayansk, 345 tons);

- Mitsubishi auto center (Irkutsk, 240 tons);

- Volkswagen auto center (Irkutsk, 120 tons);

- Transportation Management Center of the East Siberian Region (Irkutsk);

- MCC "Irkutsk-Passenger" (Irkutsk); - locomotive depot (o. Yunost, Irkutsk);

- depot for repair of diesel locomotives (station Irkutsk-Sortirovochny);

- reconstruction of the bridge across the Kitoy river (Irkutsk region);

- Regional musical theater named after N. M. Zagursky (Irkutsk);

- Ice Sports Palace (Irkutsk); - Ice Sports Palace (Angarsk);

- sports complex (Ust-Orda settlement); - locomotive depot (Zima station);

- locomotive depot (station Nizhneudinsk); - sports palace (Mirny, Yakutia);

- spans of the bridges of the Chita-Khabarovsk highway (the river M. Belaya, B. Belaya, Urusha);

- bridge over the river. Hangar in (Irkutsk, construction of supports, scaffolds of the base site, formwork, floating system);

- Barrier-type road barriers (Irkutsk region, up to 80% of the total);

- hangars for many gold processing and diamond mining factories.

Possible delivery of products by rail and road throughout Russia

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