Water supply "Ruslo"
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Not all gardeners have the opportunity to install a permanent water supply at their summer cottage. But in a day you need to have time to water all the plants on the site. Trees, flowers in the flowerbed, greenery in the garden, vegetables and fruits in the greenhouse - everything requires different watering. The Ruslo water supply system from the Volya company will unite all watering on the site! The "channel" consists of a 50 meter long hose, which is attached to a barrel or to a central water supply. Each site is unique, so the kit includes the necessary adapters and plugs with which you can route the hose throughout the site. Clamps and pegs will help secure the hose to the ground. Eight outlets allow you to connect a drip or slot irrigation system, a perforated and microporous hose, and bring water to a pool, shower or lawn sprinkler. At any time, you can turn off the water in the entire water supply system or in a separate area. The kit includes a filter that allows you to purify the water. Optionally, you can purchase one or more controllers. If a controller is installed between all irrigation systems and the water supply, then the entire system will turn on at a given frequency and frequency. If you connect the controller to only one system, all hoses will work when the water is turned on, the hose with the controller will work according to the set schedule.
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