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Grain grinder industrial 380 V, 15 kW (for wheat, oats, rye, corn)

ООО Артмаш
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The manufacturer of agricultural equipment LLC Artmash offers a grain chopper 380 V, 15 kV with a cyclone and vacuum cleaner. The ARTMASH 311-2 model is intended for industrial enterprises, it allows to process a large amount of feed per unit time. A vacuum cleaner for grain saves workers, and a cyclone ensures the purity of the finished product. All nodes are made in-house with an inspection of quality control. Parts that are subjected to heavy loads are made of alloy steels, followed by heat treatment. Video with reviews of our customers Grinder for grain 380 V, 15 kW with a cyclone and a vacuum cleaner "ARTMASH 311-2" Main parameters: Voltage: 380 V; Engine power: 15 kW, 3000 rpm; Productivity: 1000-1500 kg / h; Mesh diameter: 4 or 6 mm; Weight: 180 kg; Dimensions: V2200 * D2000 * W1500 mm.

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