Exhauster DN 3.5 / 1500 - 10993

The smoke exhauster is a draft machine that is designed to remove flue gases - products of fuel combustion. Moving gases in the right direction is the primary task of the DN smoke exhauster. By creating the required draft in the boiler, the required performance of the boiler unit develops. Hot water and steam boilers are equipped with smoke exhausters. The smoke exhauster is designed for continuous operation with a long resource. It can be installed indoors or outdoors. The minimum temperature at which the smoke exhauster can operate is -30 ° C, the maximum one is up to 200 ° C. The smoke exhausters of right or left rotation are manufactured. If you look at the DN 3.5 / 1500 smoke exhauster from the side of the electric motor, and the rotation of the boiler smoke exhauster impeller will be counterclockwise, this will be considered counterclockwise rotation. Right-hand rotation - when the rotation of the impeller of the exhauster is performed in the clockwise direction. The main characteristics of the exhauster are performance and pressure. These parameters are controlled by an axial guide vane or a suction pocket with a gate. The suction pocket brings gases to the impeller blades more evenly and eliminates flow swirling, respectively, the efficiency of the smoke exhauster increases. The impeller is equipped with a hub to protect the bearings. The DN 3.5 / 1500 smoke exhauster can have a basic or simplified configuration, and they are also equipped with systems for efficient ash collection. The durability of the smoke exhausters is ensured by the thickened walls of the snail.

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