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Wood-fired boiler 0.3 - 11092

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Construction and arrangement

  • the presence of 2 loading doors;
  • a large volume of the combustion chamber, for a one-time loading of a large volume of low-calorie wood fuel; < / li>
  • the presence of a rotary chamber at the outlet of the boiler combustion chamber in front of the convective beam, increasing the afterburning zone of light and fine fuel particles captured by the flow of exhaust gases.

In wood-fired boilers with a power of 0, 3 Gcal, high efficiency is achieved due to the application of the following design solutions. The large volume of the combustion chamber ensures complete combustion of fuel, thereby reducing losses with mechanical underburning. Gas-tight design of the furnace and high-quality thermal insulation reduce heat losses through the walls of the boiler and the environment and exclude the suction of cold air into the boiler furnace. The developed convective heating surface ensures a decrease in the temperature of flue gases from the boiler to 200-180 ° C. The use of modern technology of fuel combustion in the bed reduces losses with mechanical and chemical underburning of the fuel. The hydraulic circuit in the wood-fired boiler works according to the counterflow circuit and the convective package acts as an economizer. Numerous partitions installed in the boiler manifolds direct the coolant flow, eliminating the occurrence of stagnant zones and local overheating of heating surfaces. High velocities and turbulization of the water flow minimize the formation of scale, hot water boilers work reliably without special water treatment.

The hot water solid fuel boiler on wood 0.3 is made of a smooth-tube, horizontal layout, consists of two blocks: a furnace and a convective ... A cast-iron grate is installed in the firebox, at the front there are two cast-iron loading doors. The firebox of hot water boilers is shielded with gas-tight panels. The convective block consists of convective sections. Convective pipes are welded into the risers. The horizontal pipes of the convection sections in the convection block are staggered. The wood-fired boiler 0.3 has two convection blocks, separated by a gas-tight partition that guides the movement of gases. The convective heating surface of a hot water boiler consists of packages that can be easily dismantled during repairs even in a confined space (when the width of the passages between the boilers is one meter). In the lower part of the convective packages there is an ash bin with a manhole for cleaning from ash and soot and inspecting the pipes of the convective bundle. Hot water boilers have thermal insulation and a removable decorative casing. The lining of the boilers is made of mineral mats and refractory wire, the cladding is made of galvanized or sheet steel.

The KV-0.3 hot water boilers are easy to maintain and repair due to the presence of hatches for inspection and cleaning of convective packages.

To ensure safe operating conditions and design operating modes, the boiler is equipped with safety and shut-off and control valves, instrumentation and safety devices. Shut-off valves are used to drain water from the boiler into the heating network, supply return water to the boiler, drain water from the boiler, for periodic blowdown and removal of sludge. Control and measuring devices, thermometers and manometers provide measurement of pressure and temperature at the inlet and outlet of water from water heating boilers.

Technical characteristics of the boiler 0.3 Gcal for wood fuel

< / tr> < tr> < td> Water temperature, ° C < td> Length, mm < td> Height, mm
Name Wood-fired hot water boiler KVr-0.3KD
Power of a hot water boiler, MW (Gcal / h) 0.35 (0.3)
Heated area with a ceiling height of 3 m2, m 3000
Working medium consumption, m³ / h 12
Working water pressure, MPa (kgf / cm²) 0.6 (6)
Heating surface, m² 17
Hydraulic resistance, MPa (kgf / cm²) Not more than 0.02 (0.3)
Fuel (design ) Firewood Qir = 2000 kcal / kg
Boiler efficiency on project fuel,% Not less than 75
Flue gas temperature, ° C Not more than 200
Aerodynamic resistance, Pa (mm. water. st.) 51
Overall dimensions of the boiler, no more
Width, mm 1300
Total weight of the boiler of a wood-fired hot water boiler, kg 1500

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