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With more than 35 years of experience in the sector, make up cosmetics, proving itself in the field of color cosmetics and hair care products with the New Well brand, after domestic and international wholesale sales, it has started to store with its franchise network. New Well combines high quality and diversity with its wide range of products and offers it to its consumers.In order to keep up with the rapidly developing technology, it provides the continuity it has achieved in quality with the machines that can meet the needs in the production facilities and the investments made in Research and Development. Experienced R&D team tests their suitability by analyzing the equipment used in their laboratories from the first stage of production. Not satisfied with this success in the sector, New Well-MakeUp Kozmetik offers the products needed to meet the basic needs of women with the Epilady brand, acting with the slogan "About Women and Women". It offers its consumers the needs in the most

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