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USD 3.0 - 1000.0/pcs
PET banner backlit - roll-to-roll translucent material. It is a polyester translucent film, which is covered with a moisture-proof layer on one side. A canvas made of flexible plastic has a special layer for ink, into which it penetrates firmly and for a long time during printing. Scope: - Lightboxes; - Light panels; - Showcases; - Exhibition stands. Features of automatic transmission Bildex: - Waterproof; - Possesses high light transmission and light diffusion; - Hygroscopic - tightly holds the ink during printing and retains color for a long time use; - Durable.
USD 3.0 - 1000.0/pcs
PVC sheet is an ideal material for advertising, construction and industrial needs, both indoor and outdoor. Foamed PVC sheet is a polymer material manufactured by extrusion from a powdery non-plasticized polyvinyl chloride composition with the addition of auxiliary substances (stabilizers, lubricants, etc.). UNEXT foamed PVC sheet has a smooth, uniform matt surface protected by a yellow co-extrusion film. Scope: - Advertising and design activities (production of pre-fabricated exhibition stands, signboards, volumetric letters, advertising stands and displays, vertical advertising structures, parts for light boxes, window dressing); - Manufacturing of road signs, POS products (elements of promotional stands, racks, decoration of points of sale); - Production of office partitions, an alternative to balcony and wall panels; - Finishing works (facing of window slopes and rooms with high humidity, filling of doors and windows); - Application of any images directly to the surface of sheets by silk-screen and UV printing. Features of UNEXT foamed PVC: - Printing on both sides is possible due to the same processing on both sides; - Stably smooth surface (the sheet has low roughness); - Plastic has a cold white color, which is important for the transfer of color saturation when printing; - During processing, the plastic does not crumble, the edge will remain even, when manually cutting the sheet, the stationery knife enters smoothly.

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