Мебельная фабрика «8 Марта»

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USD 222.12/pcs 222.12
CHAIRS, POOF - RINGO The armchair combines simplicity of design, large, comfortable seat, with relatively small dimensions and low weight. The Ringo armchair can be used for both work and leisure. Dimensions: 62 x 68 cm.
USD 704.78/pcs 704.78
Strict horizontal planes softened by a slight bend of the pillow. Filigree lines and wood decor set off the warm tone of the fabric upholstery. Such an armchair will be appreciated even by the sophisticated. Dimensions: 100 x 102 cm. Decor (legs): wooden
USD 620.58/pcs 620.58
«Летти» предназначена, в первую очередь, для детей, однако при размере спального места 80x206 см. на ней с легкостью помещается и взрослый. Она оснащена пружинами, облегчающими доступ к бельевому ящику, а также спинкой, защищающей ребенка от соприкосновения со стеной.Габаритные размеры: 178,5 x 86 см.Глубина в разложенном виде: 206 (в длину)Размеры спального места: 206 x 81,5 см.Основание: Берёзовая фанераНастил спального места: Зависимый пружинный блок "Bonnel" + ППУПодушки спинки, наполнитель подушек спинки: Скрученное синтетическое волокно (шарики Холлофайбер)Декор (ножки): Дуб 8 цв., Бук 6 цв.Особенности: Кушетка с бельевым ящиком. Локотники опускаются и формируют односпальную кровать. Б/я - под сиденьем.Механизм трансформации: Растровый механизм локотников
USD 678.49/pcs 678.49
Despite the fact that the "Twingo" couch is positioned as a child and teenage model, the size of its berth can successfully accommodate a fully grown person on it for sleeping. The padded backrest protects against contact with a wall where the couch can stand. Dimensions: 165 x 92 cm. Depth unfolded view, 192 (in length) Bed dimensions: 192 x 80 cm Base: Birch plywood Bed flooring: 2 layers of polyurethane foam Back cushions, back cushion filling: Twisted synthetic fiber (Holofiber balls ) Decor (legs): R - shirt (matte, glossy), D - wood insert in 6 colors. Features: Couch with linen box. Right and left execution. Transformation mechanism: Eurobook alternative
USD 624.04/pcs 624.04
Sofa "Lord 2" from "March 8" - an example of luxurious English aristocracy. Graceful lines and high curly legs bring lightness and special charm to the model - such furniture will turn your home into a kind of family castle. The model has a compact size. In a small room, the sofa will become a comfortable place to relax, in a spacious living room - an exclusive decor element. The direct sofa "Lord 2" is suitable for rich interiors in the Baroque, Empire style. However, you can choose fabric upholstery with a color that will fit into the classics, eclecticism, modern. To create a complete furniture set, you can order a sofa together with a pouf and armchairs from the same collection. Dimensions: 148 x 91 cm. Decor (legs): wooden
USD 1139.06/pcs 1139.06
The Hollywood straight sofa is an example of modern style and restrained elegance. Despite the strict lines, the seat and back cushions look voluminous and cozy. High chrome legs give a gap between the floor and furniture, which creates a visual feeling of lightness. The Hollywood sofa folds out like a Eurobook mechanism into a comfortable bed. The furniture provides a comfortable rest and sleep - the mattress has an orthopedic effect, the size of the bed and the filling can compete with a good bed, and there is a protective additional backrest between the bed and the wall. Under the seat there is a spacious storage box for bedding. Overall dimensions: 236.5 x 118 cm. Bed dimensions: 200 x 163 cm. Base: Birch plywood Bed flooring: Block of independent springs + PPU Back cushions, back cushion filling: Gray (hard) - two layers of PU foam, Soft (printed) - Holofiber Decor (legs): < / strong> Wooden 6 col. Metallic matt or glossy Features: Has a backrest that protects against the wall. Optimized for sleep. Together with a pouf it can be positioned as a corner sofa. Transformation mechanism: Eurobook
USD 7899.35/pcs 7899.35
"Scarlett" is interesting for its aristocratic forms, which are so versatile that they can complement any interior. The seat is flat, without weights, lush and incredibly soft. High back cushions with lumbar cushion. Thanks to this, the landing of "Scarlett" is distinguished by special sensations: you simply do not want to get up from the couch. Scarlett's seat depth is greater than most models, making the sofa comfortable for tall people and indispensable for home theater use.
USD 1905.6/pcs 1905.6
The Palermo model corner sofa is the very embodiment of comfort. Smooth lines, a small number of decorative elements: in the simplicity of this model lies its special sophistication. Due to the absence of armrests, it was possible to increase the size of the bed up to 195x135 cm, while the dimensions of the Palermo sofa itself are 241x171 cm. The sofa is made of several layers of high-quality polyurethane foam and is located on a base of snake springs, providing comfort and proper support for the whole body during sleep and rest. A reliable roll-out system is responsible for the transformation of the product, and a practical linen drawer is hidden in the canapé. The simplicity and thoughtfulness of the design of the sofa guarantees ease of use and durability of the product. Overall dimensions: 241 x 171 cm. Bed dimensions: 195 x 135 cm. Base: "Snake" springs Bed flooring: 2 layers of polyurethane foam Back cushions, back cushion filler: "Holofiber balls", Slim pillows (with stitching), Soft (without stitching) Features : Corner sofa without armrests. High padded back. Performed in comb. cut (fabric + leather) Transformation mechanism: Breeze based on Kangaroo
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