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USD 492.21/pcs 492.21
Compact and beautiful table in which everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Three boxes - will help to hide the necessary personal items. Two drawers at the edges of the table are roll-out, and one drawer located in the central part of the table opens upwards. The presence of carving, "exquisite geometry", which has become the hallmark of all furniture products in the Vero bedroom collection, remains unchanged.
USD 843.52/pcs 843.52
The cabinet is made with a mezzanine at the top or bottom of the cabinet. In the standard version, in the larger casement there is a beveled mirror, which acts as a panel in the facade; on request, doors made of 100% solid wood can be installed. The cabinet body is made only of solid beech or ash. The single door wardrobe is ideal for furnishing compositions as a modular element. The author's carving on the facades of the cabinet makes it a piece of furniture art. Hinged cabinet doors are equipped with hinges with additional closing system as standard. A hanger bar is provided in the larger section of the cabinet. On request, the cabinet can be equipped with any number of shelves.
USD 123.01/pcs 123.01
The bedside table is made of solid beech or ash, including the side walls. All furniture is covered with high quality polyurethane varnish (Spain), which protects the surface from scratches and other damage. Dimensions: 46x50x40 Number of boxes : 1 Array : beech, ash
USD 476.44/pcs 476.44
Chest of drawers Vero, like all WOOD by DreamLine products, is made of 100% solid wood of noble species. The standard equipment of the chest of drawers includes - 4 drawers equipped with telescopic guides. Optionally - the chest of drawers can be reduced or increased in height by increasing or decreasing the number of drawers, it is also possible to equip the drawer with telescopic guides with the function of returning to its original position.
USD 270.12/pcs 270.12
An elegant product made of 100% solid wood of noble species of beech or ash. Chest of drawers as standard, has 4 drawers equipped with telescopic guides. The details of the cases of the chest of drawers are made of an array of soft-leaved wood. Clear proportions and simplicity of lines, combined with high-quality finishes, allow this product to organically fit into almost any interior. Optionally, the chest of drawers can be equipped with automatic drawer closers and changed in height by adding or subtracting a standard drawer. The top drawer of the chest of drawers can be divided into two drawers of equal size.
USD 324.55/pcs 324.55
Wooden bed made of solid beech or ash, made according to individual technology. The children's bed will perfectly fit into the interior of the children's room. The bed is completely made of natural wood (children's bed is made of solid beech and ash). Beds made of solid precious woods - beech and ash, guarantee of ecological cleanliness in your home. Solid beech and ash beds are durable and reliable. All furniture is covered with high-quality polyurethane varnish (Spain), which protects the surface from scratches and other damage. External dimensions: (+ to the size of the bed) Length +12 cm. Width +8 cm. < / p>
USD 262.75/pcs 262.75
The motto in creating this model is minimalism. Ideal for absolutely any interior. Like all DreamLine bed models, this bed is made from solid beech and ash wood. Available with high and low footing. The basic equipment includes a base for a DreamLine mattress, consisting of orthopedic lamellas fixed to the side drawers of the bed. External dimensions: (+ to bed size) Length +7 cm Width +6 cm .
USD 33.37/pcs 33.37
A mattress specially designed for the correct formation of the child's spine. The inner filler consists of four layers of holofiber - a modern nonwoven material that often replaces the classic elastic foam. Holofiber has a greater degree of rigidity than foam, which is especially important for a balanced distribution of body weight over the surface of the mattress and the correct formation of the child's spine. External filler - natural coconut coir impregnated with latex, which gives the structure additional rigidity, increases the orthopedic properties of the mattress. The set includes a Cotton Baby cover, made of double or unilateral coarse calico, pleasant to the touch, in a bright children's color. The mattress is designed for a child weighing up to 70 kg.
USD 24.74/pcs 24.74
The Dreamline Baby Holl mattress has the following characteristics: Does not have a spring mechanism; Easy to use; Different sizes; Height - 10 cm ; Supports up to 60 kg. Supportive properties, firmness and elasticity A mattress with a high level of firmness and low anatomy provides the child with comfortable sleep and the necessary support for the spine. Mattress filling The mattress consists of five layers of holofiber - a modern material that does not interfere with free air circulation, which allows the child's body to normally contact with the environment. The spring block is absent, springless mattress.
USD 53.45/pcs 53.45
The classic Bonnel spring block, made on modern equipment, provides the necessary rigidity of the structure. Modern filling made of high-tech elastic foam 10 mm thick provides a comfortable sleep for a person whose weight does not exceed 90 kg. A protective layer made of natural flax-jute fiber prevents harmful contacts of metal springs with the filling, prolonging the life of the mattress. A person weighing up to 90 kg can sleep comfortably on this mattress. High-quality and inexpensive solution for summer cottages, mini-hotels and hostels. It will also become a faithful and easy-to-use lifesaver for the budget in case of unexpected guests.
USD 42.11/pcs 42.11
The Dreamline Classic mattress has the following performance characteristics : hygienic; height - 11 cm ; < / li> medium stiffness; without springs; affordable price; strong; any sizes are possible; < / li> resistant to wear; comfortable; rolls up. Supporting properties, stiffness and elasticity The Dreamline Classic Roll Slim mattress is firm, elastic, medium firm. Suitable for children and adults. Perfectly retains its original shape. Soft, comfortable, practical, optimal for the price. Mattress filler Dreamline Classic mattress is made of environmentally friendly artificial latex - Natural Form foam. The porous structure of the latter provides air exchange, allows moisture to pass through, and quickly returns its shape to the product. The foam is resistant to wear and tear, will last a long time as a main or additional mattress for a bed, sofa, ottoman, etc. Spring block - absent, springless mattress.
USD 8664.0/pcs 8664.0
The bedside table is made of solid beech or ash, including the side walls. All furniture is covered with high quality polyurethane varnish (Spain), which protects the surface from scratches and other damage. Dimensions: 46x50x40 Number of boxes: 2 Solid : beech, ash
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Ev Tekstili, Ev ve i̇nşaat, Ofis mobilyaları, Mobilya tertibatları, Dolap, Ev mobilyaları Rusya, ул. Советская, д. 36

DREAMLINE şirketler grubu, kendi DreamLine markası altında uyumak için minder ve aksesuarların yanı sıra masif ahşap mobilya üreticisidir (yataklar, çekmeceli dolaplar, dolaplar, dolaplar, oturma odaları, masalar, vitrinler, dolaplar ...). Üretim 2007 yılında Moskova bölgesinde (Balaşiha) gerçekleştirildi. Bu süre boyunca 180'den fazla anatomik yatak modeli ve düzinelerce aksesuar türü. Bunlar arasında bu tür popüler yatak türleri vardır:

DreamRoll serisi;

Klasik Serisi

Seri "Tek";

Masaj serisi

ECO serisi;

dizi "SleepDream";

dizi "YÜKSEK";

seri "PRIME";

Kombi serisi

seri "Denge";

dizi "UYKU";

DREAM serisi

dizi "BELLEK";

Akıllı Bölge serisi.

Şirketin özel gururu, klasik elastik köpüğün yerine geçen dört kat holofiberden oluşan bir iç dolgu ile 70 kilograma kadar bir çocuk için özel olarak tasarlanmış BabyDream serisi yataklardır.

Yatakların yanı sıra yatak örtüleri, yastıklar ve battaniyeler sadece yerli yüksek kaliteli bileşenlerden yapılmıştır.

Rus şehirlerinde yüzden fazla temsilciliğin bulunması, malların stokta olması halinde sipariş edilen ürünlerin (yataklar ve uyku için aksesuarlar) üretimini ve teslimatını sağlar.

Kayın ağacı ve dişbudak ağacından yapılmış masif ahşap mobilyalar bu ürüne ilişkin tüm standartlara uygundur.

Uygun ürün kataloğu. Hesabınız üzerinden sipariş ve ödeme yeteneği. Teslim. Paylar. Temsilcilere verilen bonuslar. Geniş bayi ağı.


Rusya genelinde geniş bir bayi ağı, mallar stokta mevcutsa sipariş edilen ürünlerin “ertesi gün” teslim tarihi ile üretilmesini ve teslim edilmesini sağlar.

Uygun ürün kataloğu. Hesabınız üzerinden sipariş ve ödeme yeteneği. Teslim. Paylar.

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