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Products with double benefits. For the seller's cash register and for the health of the consumer. Vegetable purees, packing 900 g - 4 types (with celery, carrots, tomatoes, beets) 24 kg of finished garnish = 5640 rubles Benefit per portion from + 300% A distinctive feature of the products is the enrichment with phospholipids from sunflower, a variety of vegetables, whole milk 26%, the use of hyponosodium salts with potassium, magnesium, herbal ingredients, bio-iodine, propolis, lysine, chitosan. The presentation is attached. The same calculation for other products. All our products offer double benefits
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Çeşni ve baharatlar, Bakkaliye, Diyet gıdaları, Organik Rusya, г.Москва, Семеновский пер.дом 15, офис 215

Own development and production of food products for the trend of healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. For HoReca and shops. Vegetable purees, special assets, substitutes for table salt with low sodium chloride, with iodine, with amino acids, corn germ oil for production and for retail chains

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