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Figured information stand & nbsp; size 1950x1100 mm. Base - plastic PVC 4 mm, drawing the image - UV printing. Pockets A4 format - PET 0.7 mm, fastening double-sided tape & nbsp; 6 mm wide, 1 mm thick. We can make a stand of any shape and complexity, including backlit ones. Work experience over 10 years. The cost is indicated for a specific stand, if you order a smaller and simpler stand, then the cost will be significantly lower.
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The Reklamus company is, first of all, a manufacturing company. We are engaged in the production of promotional gifts of various purposes and levels. They order inexpensive business souvenirs for promotions from us. Usually these are souvenirs with the symbols of the enterprise. They also turn to us with a request to make individual, personalized souvenirs, for gifts to guests or VIP guests. All this our company can produce for you. In addition to business souvenirs, we are engaged in the production of outdoor advertising and offer a wide range of printing services. Our company can offer you decoration of exhibition spaces, production of advertising signs, information stands, information boards, plates, light boxes, pillars, Roll-UP stands and much more. Detailed information can be found on the main page of the site. Printing is another area of ​​our services, which we provide to both companies and individuals. We can print brochures, flyers, company envelopes for you,

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