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Laser markers GSL3

The GSL laser marker is designed for laser marking and cutting of materials. This is a compact tabletop model. The laser setup is based on an ultra-reliable ytterbium fiber laser emitter that does not require maintenance and ensures long-term uninterrupted operation of the complex. The newest Scancube closed laser positioning system ensures high accuracy and quality when marking products. The laser marker is controlled by the powerful Scaps graphics complex, which allows you to perform any design tasks. Among the advantages of the machine, one should also note the rigid structure of the table, air cooling of the laser and low power consumption.

A wide range of metals and alloys can be processed, including steel, titanium, silver, gold, brass, copper, aluminum, painted metals, anodized aluminum, Alumamark, plastics, rubber, semiconductors, silicon wafers, some types of precious and semi-precious stones, security films for Tesa and 3M lasers.

The laser marker can successfully work in such areas as:
Engraving of advertising and souvenir products
Engraving of mobile phones and accessories
Marking of tools, bearings, machine tool parts, mechanisms
Automotive industry - protective marking, dashboard decoration, car parts marking
Medical instrument marking and devices
Marking of microcircuits, processors, printed circuit boards, parts, manufacturing of warranty stickers

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