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Specifications 3DESYS 20PRO 2019 5 years Warranty Printer and printing properties Printing technology FDM layer-by-layer direction Printing area, mm (WxDxH) 200x200x200 Print head One head with automatic nozzle and replaceable nozzle Filament diameter 1.75 mm Resolution (optimal) 0.20 mm nozzle: 20-80 micron 0.25 mm nozzle: 30 - 100 micron 0.30 mm nozzle: 40 - 130 micron 0.35 mm nozzle: 50 - 150 micron 0.40 mm nozzle: 60 - 180 micron 0.45 mm nozzle: 70 - 200 micron 0.50 mm nozzle: 80 - 230 micron 0.60 mm nozzle: 100 - 250 micron 0.80 mm nozzle: 120 - 300 micron 1 mm nozzle: 130 - 350 micron Layer height (resolution) 0.1 mm - 0.4mm(100-400 microns) Accuracy XYZ X:12.5, Y:12.5, Z:12.5 microns Print head travel speed 30 - 300 mm/s Assembly (deposition) speed < 2.5 mm²/s Working surface (heating table) aluminum table + removable glass + proprietary coating Working surface temperature 20 - 100 ºC Supported materials PLA, ABS, HIPS, ABS+, PET, CoPET, Elastan (Flex), Plastan, PVA, PC, PBT, Nylon, PA, HDPE, etc. cm. Nozzle temperature 180 - 280 ºC Nozzle heating time < 2 min. (280 ºC) Work surface warm-up time < 10 min. (100 ºC) Operating sound < 40dB Connection USB port USB-FLASH Physical dimensions Dimensions 380 x 370 x 420 mm Net weight 10kg Shipping weight 12kg Power requirements Input 220V, 50 - 60Hz Power consumption 30 - 230W Ambient conditions Environment Operating Ambient Temperature 5 - 40°C, Relative Humidity 10 - 70% non-condensing See Material Specifications for optimal conditions Software Cura, Simplify3D, Repeter-Host, etc. Supported OS MacOS, Windows and Linux File types STL, OBJ, M3D, etc. G-code support Additional options (UAH) auto-calibration 1100 (UAH) control via LAN 700 (UAH) control via WIFI 700 (UAH) Automatic power off 1300 (UAH) Second extruder 6000 (UAH) Joystick control 200 (UAH) Closed housing with adjustable temperature of the inner chamber 1500 (UAH) Features of the new model Electrics: print quality level + 30%; correction in the process of printing the Z axis; adjusting the brightness of the working chamber; additional cooling; plastic end sensor automatic material loading and unloading Mechanics: removable table; Design: additional body elements added white Body: two-component material
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3DESYSTEMS We are manufacturers of quality FDM/FFF 3D printers and printing, which allows us to complete the most complex orders with amazing accuracy. The main advantage of our company is a more affordable price that can compete with world brands, as well as the quality guarantee that you get with the printer.​ 3D printers and components are located in comfortable conditions, where a special microclimate is maintained with a special temperature regime and humidity, which minimizes the possibility of defects and ensures uninterrupted operation in the shortest possible time. Since 2015, our company has actively begun to raise the level of 3D printer printing and expand its activities in various fields, supplying 3D printers to the markets of other countries outside the CIS.

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