Vacutainer with red cap
Product description
The test tube is used to collect material and analyze biochemistry, serology, bacteriology, and blood group determination. Sterilized by gamma radiation. The design excludes the contact of the employee with the patient's blood and the patient's blood with the environment. To accelerate blood clotting, an activator of clot formation (SiO2-silicon dioxide, also called clot activator, clot-activator, AC, silica) is applied to the walls to accelerate blood coagulation, which ensures the separation of serum and clot for up to 48 hours without re-centrifugation. Volume 5 ml, 6 ml, 8 ml, 9 ml, Sizes 12 * 100mm - 5ml, 6ml, 16 * 100mm - 8ml, 9ml.
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Vacutainer with red cap - 60119

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