Unex nitrile gloves
Product description
Blue non-sterile nitrile gloves. Delivery of other sizes and colors is possible on request. Cardboard box, 50 pairs inside. Manufactured in Malaysia. The quality is good, checked by shugaring and doctors and cosmetologists. They are also in demand in the household. High sensitivity, good fit, non-allergenic. Recommended by our clients. If you need other technologies and products, you can always contact our company, we will select the necessary equipment with a miscalculation of its cost and delivery. We supply goods directly from manufacturing plants, so we can offer unique prices for wholesale lots.
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Unex nitrile gloves - 70876

0.19 USD/pcs 0.19 USD

Minimum order: 1000000 pcs

Supply ability: 1000000 pcs/per day

Pharma Plus LLP
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Almaty, Kazakhstan
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