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USD 485.67/pcs 485.67
Wholesales Supplier for Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080
USD 593.6/pcs 593.6
Wholesales Supplier for CP2077 Liquid Core i9-12900K - RTX 3090
USD 323.78/pcs 323.78
Wholesales Supplier for Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 
USD 377.74/pcs 377.74
Wholesales Supplier for AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT
USD 259.02/pcs 259.02
  Wholesales Supplier for FinestraMiner Hotspot for The Helium
USD 2158.54/pcs 2158.54
Wholesales Supplier for Panda Miner B7 Pro ETH miner 12 Card
USD 1079.27/pcs 1079.27
Wholesales Supplier for Fusion Silicon ASIC Miner with BITMAIN APW3++ PSU
USD 970.0/pcs 970.0
Wholesales Supplier for Goldshell KD2 Kadena miner
USD 950.0/pcs 950.0
Wholesales Supplier for Goldshell KD Box Pro 2.6TH KDA Kadena Black ASIC Crypto Miner WiFi & PSU
USD 735.0/pcs 735.0
Wholesales Supplier for Complete 12 GPU Mining Rig 2400 Watt Plug And Play
USD 701.52/pcs 701.52
Wholesales Supplier for 8 GPU RTX a2000 Mining Rig - 336MH (ETH On 2Miners)
USD 647.56/pcs 647.56
Wholesales Supplier for Octominer X12ULTRA Crypto Mining Rig 3600W + SSD + CPU + RAM + MOBO + HiveOS
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We make customer's life better with personalized service Ten years ago, we began as a small retailer that only sold Graphics card . Today, we still sell Graphics card — as well as computer power, GPU Miner, Asic miner, and more. That "more" is providing the very best customer service, customer experience, and company culture. We aim to inspire the world by showing it's possible to simultaneously deliver happiness to customers, employees, vendors, shareholders, and the community in a long-term, sustainable way.sustainable way.

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