Pyramid "Steps"
Pyramid "Steps"
Pyramid "Steps"
Pyramid "Steps"
Product description
Description The "Steps" pyramid is rightfully considered the right toy for children, and here's why: Child's health. All the details of the "Steps" pyramid are made of natural and high-quality material - wood, so it is absolutely safe for the baby's health. Also, the details of the pyramid do not contain small parts and parts that the child could break off, you can be sure that the pyramid is safe and harmless to the child. Child development. In the process of assembling the pyramid " Steps ”, the child develops: • Fine motor skills of the hands; • Logical thinking; • Attention; • Memory. The reliability of the toy. A very important advantage of the wooden pyramid is durability, this is explained by the fact that the parts are made of durable and reliable material - wood. Interest. The pyramids have always been interesting to kids, they are passionate about assembling and disassembling them. And since the details of the pyramid are colored, this will allow the child to explore the colors and shades, which will make the game even more cognitive. The set includes 9 bright details in the form of steps, stringing the details on the rod in the correct order, the kid will assemble a colored multilevel pyramid. < / li>
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