Копилка / Копилка из Тикток / Копилка из Tiktok / Копилка в подарок / Копилка 50 500р.
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Piggy bank, an undeservedly forgotten gift or decorative element these days. But the fashion for rarities is back, and bloggers from Tik Tok have come up with their own original life hack, the famous piggy bank for 365 days. The essence of this piggy bank is that if you save from 1 to 365 rubles every day during the year, then you can easily save 66 thousand 795 rubles. Every day we put any amount in the piggy bank and cross out the box in the table. When all the cells with numbers are crossed out, you can extract the coveted amount from the piggy bank. It is not necessary to wait a year, if you wish, you can save what you want faster. It's just the original idea of ​​the authors. The first step is to determine your goal, that is, what the piggy bank is for, then decide on the option of saving. On the Internet, Tiktokers even share their observations on this matter and help subscribers to save money for their dreams. They came up with little tricks, which, by the way, are in enviable demand.
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Копилка / Копилка из Тикток / Копилка из Tiktok / Копилка в подарок / Копилка 50 500р. - 67999

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