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USD 1000.0/pcs 1000.0
Specifications and Features: 1. Dimensions (W x D x H): 482.6 x 528.3 x 88.9 (mm), (19.0 x 20.8 x 3.5 inches) 2. Drive bays: (1 x 3.5 "+ 1 x 5.25") x 2 (external) 3. Motherboard type: ATX form factor (12 "x 9"). 4. Cooling: 2 70mm fans (optional) 5. Switches: power on / off system and alarm reset 6. Indicators: LEDs for power ON / OFF, hard disk, fan and alarm 7. Slot opening: 3 slots 8. Conversion card: 3 PCI slots (standard) 9. Conversion card: 1 AGP slot + 2 PCI slots or 1 AGP slot + 1 PCI slot (Optional) 10. Air filter: removable and washable 11. Security: Both front doors are lockable 12. Speaker: built-in 0.4W 13. Fan and temperature detection board for monitoring system environment (optional) 14. Front panel material: Hard anodized aluminum alloy 15. Handle material: Aluminum alloy 16. Main chassis material: 1, 2mm SECC zinc plated steel (made in Japan) 17. Front panel color: Silver, black, gold or customer design 18. Main body color: black (standard) or beige 19. PS2 or USB * 2 connector on front panel li 20. Power supply: special size ATX power supply. For 2U chassis only. Case packing data. : 1. Dimensions (W x D x H): 541 x 660 x 191 (mm), (21.3 "x 26.0" x 7.5 ") 2. Cubic foot of shipping box: 2.4 feet (cube Ft.) 3. Net weight: 7.8 kg (W / O PSU), 9.8 kg (with power supply) 4. Gross weight: 12.0 kg (without power supply), 14.0 kg (with power supply) supply) 5. 20-foot container: 425 pcs. 6. 40-foot container: 875 pcs.
USD 100000.0/pcs 100000.0
Features: 1. Software + hardware = smart lockers, the best solutions for your storage. 2. Use the latest technology to access your storage. 3. Solve the problem of high reshipment rates and take confidentiality into account. 4. Smart lockers have a high level of self-service and low time constraints, which can compensate for existing queues and time-consuming problems associated with obtaining goods in supermarkets. 5. Software function to control multi-port smart cabinets. 6. Smart lock to unlock multiple verification methods. Protection functions such as automatic blocking. Applications: 1. Logistics: second delivery transfer counters, e-commerce pickup, e-commerce returns, counter delivery shipment, home delivery return 2. Equipment management: equipment and material rental and return 3. Channel / retail chain: sale of goods, collection of online orders, marketing interaction, data collection and analysis 4. Express industry: delivery of documents or articles 5. Management of society and property: delivery of parcels, public services 6. Laundry: delivery of laundry 7. Business, Library, Fitness -center: Storage service for members / students
USD 100000.0/pcs 100000.0
Feature: 1. Model : JFGY1 2. Powder coated under static electricity, it is strong and durable. 3. The range of width and height can meet different size requirements. 4. With the help of the layers panel, it can make full use of the space. 5. The metal plate door is used as the hallway door, and the roll-type processing panel is used to connect the interior structure. 6. This mode not only takes advantage of the storage of metal plates and rollers, but also improves production efficiency and reduces production costs. 7. Fast and easy installation.
USD 100000.0/pcs 100000.0
Features: 1. Care of people and ergonomic design 2. Design integrated with the environment 3. Guaranteed security and privacy 4. Flexible configuration Application: We offer ideal solutions for a variety of control rooms or command posts. This design has a precise design with a solid structure that allows for perfect control of equipment and viewing angles. Each offers a variety of storage configurations that can be adapted to the environment, making it a functionally efficient and organized place.
USD 100.0/pcs 100.0
Features: model:FDS-ERF-3USA-2USB Available up to 4 ways outlet socket modules Body Diameter : 7.5 cm Aluminum alloy shell PC socket module, PA mounting bracket Length Adjustable Strong Aluminum body Customized socket module Hidden under the table when you don't need the sockets, it makes the table neat and tidy   American Electric rise and fall type socket - 3ways American sockets - With2*USB - 15A, 125V~250V - 3G*16AWG*2meters   Dimension: Cut out size: 75mm series
USD 10000.0/pcs 10000.0
48 devices USB charger and Sync car Dimension:W500*D400*H1300 1. 16 devices in each cabinet, stack up system from 1up to 3 for 48 devices. 2. Safe charge and sync up to 16 smart devices, available for iOS & Android devices, each with individualize precise current sensor. 3. Simultaneously charging and synchronization of all devices. 4. Full rate iPad charging 2.5A (max 180W). 5. Smart USB Multi-Charging Stations with DSP (Dynamic Smart Power) technology. 6. Plug & display–Plug the charging device by USB connector, switch and display power charging current value. 7. LED status display indicates: Full charged, fast-current-charge, low-current-charge, or none connection. 8. Watching and monitoring the selected channel charging current by push button or auto scan. 9. Optional IP Control Module provides LAN access to manage up to 12,000 smart devices. 10. Overload and overheat protection by each sensor. 11. Fanless design for a quiet, long-lasting performance. 12. USB cable management keeps the cables compact, neat, and tidy.
USD 10000.0/pcs 10000.0
Model: KIF Specification: Order Code Capacity: KIOSK-KIF 1414.44mm(Height) Width 572.63mm Depth 435mm Monitor: LCD Material: Cold rolled steel ST12 (ST12): SPCC Dimension(W*D*H): 572.63*435*1414.44mm Thickness: 1.0~3.0mm Work environment: temperature: +5℃ ~ +35℃;humidity:40% ~ 80% Network function: four-core telephone orRJ45 network tie-in ( Standard of RJ45) The surface: color optional Basic electrical equipment with cabling and power pack for monitor and sound system (Two speakers) Sizes: 17-inch Touch panel : Mapletouch 5-wire resistive touch screen Circuiting Rating: 5V DC, 35mA Surface Hardness: 3H Light Transmission: Film+Glass>83% Hitting Life Expectancy: Over 35 million Scoring Life Expectancy: Over 5 million Contact Bounce: <10ms Operating Temperature: -10℃ ~ +60℃ Resolution: 4096x4096 Storage Temperature: -20℃ ~ +70℃ Linearity: 1.5% ( <1.0% By Request ) Thickness: 3.0mm Operating Force: 10g~100g
USD 10000.0/pcs 10000.0
JPS Series Surface Finish: Degreasing, pickling, phosphoric, cleaning, powder coating or brushed stainless steel. Material: Cold rolled steel or stainless steel. Color: Body color: RAL 7032 ;Installing panel: RAL 1003. Specification: 1. Strong structure with stable nine folded profile. 2. Setup board with prepared mounting holes (integrated size: 25mm). 3. Door can be opened to 130 degree. 4. Door with three point lock and sealed with waterproof gasket. 5. IP55.
USD 10000.0/pcs 10000.0
Features 1. model : JW 2. Wall-mounted cabinet 19 "(one-piece) 3. In accordance with ANSI / EIA RS-310D; DIN41491 (PART1); IEC297-2; 4. DIN41494 (PART7); GB / T3047 .2-92 and ETSI standard. 5. Convenient, exquisite, elegant design, easy to assemble and disassemble. 6. Fast and easy wall mount 19 "standard installation. 7. Possibility of simultaneous connection of wires from above and from below. eight . Convenient and fast way of wall mounting. 9. The front door can open more than 180 °. 10. Removable side panels. 11. Degree of protection: IP20. 12. Front door made of acrylic.
USD 10000.0/pcs 10000.0
Features: 1. model : JE 2. 19 "server cabinet 3. In accordance with ANSI / EIA RS-310D; DIN41491 (PART1); IEC297-2; DIN41494 (PART7); GB / T3047.2-92 and ETSI. standard. 4. Sturdy steel frame to reliably support servers and peripherals. 5. Tempered glass front door. 6. Removable side panels. 7. Adjustable feet and reinforced casters are available. 8. Several lockable cable entries from below (size adjustable). 9. Multiple lacing points and slotted guides for easy cable management. 10. Available with various optional accessories.
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