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Apparel & textile, Women's clothing, Women's cardigans and capes, Women's sweaters and jumpers, Women's coats, Women's knit garments, Tunics Turkey, istanbul
Turkey, istanbul

It provides product support to the wholesale, retail and online sales sites in the garment industry with an innovative approach. Brand name AQE fashıon, Official name "INTERTRADE IMPORT AND EXPORT INDUSTRY AND TRADE COMPANY LIMITED"; Manufacturing, trade shows wholesale and retail activities in Turkey / ISTANBUL is a company based. Intertrade is a successful manufacturer of mainly knitwear (knitted) women clothing and accessories. It has adopted as a duty to offer the best model at the best price to you, our valued customers.

The main objectives of Intertrade are to be a leader in global innovations and increase product quality while diversifying its product range. Intertrade, employees; It has adopted the management philosophy that perfection is an endless journey; The purpose of our employees is to ensure the continuous satisfaction of their customers. Intertrade believes that "innovation" and "awareness" must be continuous in order to provide the best service to its customers, transforming its experience in the field of textile and clothing, which is compatible with the dynamic structure of the fashion world, into sales service. Intertrade successfully maintains its role as supplier in both domestic and international e-commerce market. Travel with the intertrade to take part in the global market

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