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USD 160.0 - 180.0/kg
Cheese-containing products of TM Syrodelovo are made using imitation cheese technology, but the milk fat in them is completely replaced by vegetable fat. Our technologists are constantly working to improve the formulation of our products. Cheeses TM Syrodelovo have high thermal stability, after heat treatments they retain their structure, taste and color, are not afraid of temperature fluctuations and therefore behave well during storage and packaging, are not susceptible to the formation of plaque and mold. Affordable, Palm Oil Free.
USD 2.27/kg 2.27
TM Chizhedr: creamy smell, dense structure, thermal stability. it is good to use in the preparation of shawarma, salads, meat dishes (meat in French, roast in pots, lasagna) and many others.
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Meat & Dairy products, Milk Products Russia, Пискаревский пр 25А офис 42

Our company is a manufacturer of cheeses and cheese products under its own brands. Currently, in the conditions of the modern market - our consumers have an increased demand for economy class products.

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