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USD 762.2/pcs 762.2
Bench 46x31x43 without drawer. Handmade from natural wool, fleece, wood. Load up to 100kg. Banquet in a classic style with curved legs, pouffe with a soft seat, covered with natural wool - factory-made fleece. Banquet Lamb Boni will unusually fit into the interior of a living room with a fireplace, a corridor, a hunting lodge, a cafe.
USD 10.67/pcs 10.67
Women's felt vests and quilted sleeveless jackets with lambswool filling are an excellent offer for cool days. Sheep wool has a therapeutic and prophylactic effect and hygroscopicity, the ability to maintain an optimal temperature regime for the body and ensure air circulation, which is very beneficial for human health. The vest is made of 100% sheep wool, has a beneficial effect on human health, will serve as a speedy recovery from radiculitis, rheumatism, neuritis, will help in the treatment of colds
USD 1.98/pcs 1.98
Headwear - designed to protect against high temperatures when working in hot shops in various industries
USD 3.96/pcs 3.96
Women's felt bags will last a long time and will not lose their shape, since felt is a very durable material. The undoubted advantages of these products are reliable protection from external damage and environmental safety.
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Art studio "FLORA", Goryachy Klyuch.

Art studio "Flora" since 1999 (private master-designer) produces: handmade bath hats from merino Australian and English colored wool, slippers, felt boots, scarves and stoles, jewelry made of wool and leather, flower cushions, knitted shoes, gingerbread with a logo. Hats are made in 3D technique, at a price of 3500 rubles / piece. Delivery by Russian post.

Making our own under the order by prior agreement on terms, quantity and price.

I give master classes in Moscow in the studio "AMALFI"

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