Sunflower oil packaged in 1 liter
Sunflower oil packaged in 1 liter
Sunflower oil packaged in 1 liter
Product description
Good day! The company is ready to offer you sunflower oil: GOST at a price of 50.00 rubles directly from manufacturers packing 1 liter: Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan. The minimum volume of 100 tons. We work ONLY as follows: - fill out the official application with the company details! -on further we send the contract for signing! - we bill for payment !!! After paying the bill, you will be provided with all the shipping documentation. The price varies depending on the declared volume. Cashless payment, 100% prepayment !!! If you are interested in our offer! Please download the order form! and send to our email address: WE WORK ONLY THROUGH THE CONTRACT !!!
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Sunflower oil packaged in 1 liter - 39444

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USD 681.66 - 710.06 USD

Minimum order: 20 Ton

Supply ability: 100 Ton/per day

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Краснодар, Russia
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