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USD 20.0 - 50.0/pcs
We will sell and (or) install automotive glass from the manufacturer for almost any car brands.
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Glass and glass products, Car seats, Auto & Transportation, Vehicles & parts, Accessories and spare parts Ukraine, 13300 Украина, Житомирская область ,город Бердичев, улица Короленко 41П

Conversion of trucks into passenger ones. Assistance in processing all documents. Services: glass installation, interior sewing, hauling and installation of seats, noise, vibration, thermal insulation. Installation of heaters and air conditioners. Installation of audio, video equipment, alarms, throne parks, etc.). Large selection of materials: more than 300 types of auto-fabrics, more than 200 types of car leatherette, car leather, alcantara. Types of work: upholstering of the interior; steering wheel hauling; hauling the ceiling; hauling of seats; hauling door cards; banner of car interior. Services: auto electrician, car painting, tinting, LPG installation, air conditioner refueling, air conditioner and heater installation, certification, seat repair, welding. Come!

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