N95 Face Mask #99002
N95 Face Mask #99002
N95 Face Mask #99002
Product description
LIVGO N95 anti-pollution face mask, made with 5-layered filtration system, is designed to help provide comfortable, reliable respiratory protection and keeps you safe from dangerous airborne viruses, pollutants, dust, particulate matter, smoke from vehicle exhaust, industry smokes, allergens etc. These masks have latex free corded spandex elastic which has a long life, is skin friendly, does not deform in high temperature and it has an adjustable nose clip that can be pressed to counter the specific design of your nose for a snug fitting. 5 Layer Filtration - 3 Layers of Non-Woven Spun Melt & 2 Layers of Melt Blown Elastic - Latex Free Spandex Corded Elastic  Sealing - Ultrasonic Ear Loop Sealing Nose Clip - Flexible Aluminium Certifications - ISO, CE, GMP & FDA Test Reports - Sitra, DRDO and GLARC (NABL certified lab)
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