Cape hairdresser, for haircuts
Cape hairdresser, for haircuts
Cape hairdresser, for haircuts
Product description
Size: 120x140 cm.Material: 100% polyester.Pack: 12 pieces. The smooth and soft surface allows the hair to glide easily and not stick. It uses an elastic band fixation method and special stainless steel clips that can be adjusted to prevent cut hair from getting on the body and clothing. which is more comfortable and durable than straps and Velcro. Very comfortable and practical classic peignoir (cape for haircuts). Cape hairdresser wholesale, for haircuts with elastic band and hooks color black
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Cape hairdresser, for haircuts - 82260

1.37 USD/pcs 1.37 USD

Minimum order: 5000 pcs

Supply ability: 1000 pcs/per day

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