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"A&D shop"
Алматы, Kazakhstan
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Description Power Source: USB,Battery,Electric,Power Supply Maximum Time: 90min Size: 15*3*3.5 Material: Metal Model: HI-LSD Blade Material: Stainless Steel Single Hood Size: 20*8*6cm Single Full weight: 0.260 kg
"A&D shop"
Алматы, Kazakhstan
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Name: GEEMY Working Time: 180minutes Power Source: Electric Material: Stainless Stel Blade Model: GM6668 Blade Material: Stainless Steel Battery: 2000mAh Li-ion Battery Single package size: 23*22*7cm Single gross weight: 1.100kg
United Kingdom
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Class B autoclave with capacity of up to 18 litres. It is ultra-quiet and really easy to use. Its automatic operating is configured with different sterilization programmes. With door locking to prevent it from opening accidentally.   Description Autoclave 18 litres Class B with USB.  Reference Printer Programme liquids 922-STE-B18D No (optional accessory, it is sold separately. If you wish to purchase it, look for the reference 922-PRINTER04). Yes   Programmes: Programmes Temperature Pressure Sterilising time Overall time Type Max load Max load per tray Solid 134 ºC 210 kPa 4 min 20-35 min Solid unwrapped material  4.5 Kg 1.2 Kg 121 ºC 110 kPa 20 min 30-50 min Wrapped 134 ºC 210 kPa 4 min 30-50 min Solid unwrapped material 4.5 Kg 1.2 Kg 121 ºC 110 kPa 20 min 35-55 min Solid or hollow material simple wrapped 3.5 Kg 1.1 Kg Liquids 134ºC 210 kPa 10 min 30-55 min Liquid 1 Kg 0.3 Kg 121ºC 110kPa 30 min 35-60 min Textile 134 ºC 210 kPa 8 min 40-65 min Porous unwrapped material 1 Kg 0.3 Kg Porous material simple wrapped 0.80 Kg 0.25 Kg Porous material double wrapped 0.6 Kg 0.2 Kg 121 ºC 110 kPa 30 min 45-75 min Hollow material simple wrapped 3.5 Kg 1.25 Kg Solid or hollow material double wrapped 1.5 Kg 0.6 Kg Prion 134  ºC 210 kPa 18 min 45-70 min  Porous unwrapped material 1 Kg 0.3 Kg Porous material simple wrapped 0.75 Kg 0.25 Kg Porous material double wrapped 0.6 Kg 0.2 Kg Hollow material simple wrapped 3.5 Kg 1 Kg Solid or hollow material double wrapped 1.5 Kg 0.5 Kg Test B&D 134  ºC 210 kPa 3.5 min 22-35 min - - - Test Helix 134  ºC 210 kPa 3.5 min 22-35 min - - - Vacuum test - - - 15-20 min - - - The minimum time required autoclave to be ready for use after connecting is 5 minutes. The max.  temperature for the sterilisation cycle of 134 ° C is 137 ºC The max. temperature for the sterilisation cycle of 121 ° C is 124 ° C Features: Fully automatic with pre-programmed sterilisation cycles. Chamber and door in stainless steel with electro-polished finish. High precision control system for perfect sterilisation results. User friendly interface. LCD screen displays information about the process continuously. Open type water tank, this feature makes it easy water filling and cleaning the tank. Optional printer (not included. Reference 922-PRINTER04). Languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Czech, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian and Chinese. Safety devices: Breaker. Protect your computer from any possibility of failure in the power supply. Action: Interrupt the power supply. Thermal circuit breaker. Protection against short circuits and possible overheating in the transformer primary network. Action: Temporary interruption (until the temperature has dropped) in the winding. Safety valve. Protection against a possible increase in pressure within the chamber. Action: Escape steam until the restoration of a normal pressure level. Micro switch to control the state of the door. Exercises control in adjusting the door to start a sterilisation cycle. Action: Transmits signal to alert the incorrect position of the door. Thermostat for heating elements in the steam generator. Protection against possible overheating in the heating elements in the steam generator. Action: interrupts the power supply to the heating elements in the steam generator. Thermostat for heating elements in the chamber. Protection against possible overheating in the heating elements in the chamber. Action: interrupts the power supply to the heating elements in the chamber. Auto leveling hydraulic system. The hydraulic system pressure returns to its natural if the sterilization cycle is interrupted manually. Action: the internal pressure is restored automatically. Door Lock Effective to prevent accidental opening of the door protection. Action: Prevents door opening by a hydraulic locking system. Technical features: Nominal Voltage: 220-240V; 50/60 Hz; 10A Chamber dimensions: 247 x 350 mm Breaker: F16A / 400V Nominal power: 2200VA Sterilisation temperature: 121 ° C / 134 ° C Capacity distilled water tank: 2.5 L approx. Operating temperature: 5 ° C / 40 ° C Operating relative humidity: Max. 80%, non-condensing External dimensions: 480 x 455 x 600 mm Net weight: 47 Kg Max noise level: <70 dB Operating atmospheric pressure: 76/106 kPa Components: Distilled water tank LCD display Control panel Main switch Drain valve for distilled and used water USB port Safety valve Ventilation grid Lock system Power cable Rating plate Accessories included: Steriliser Three trays of instruments Base for trays Extraction handle Tool for door adjustment 2 drain hoses Door gasket User manual Optional accessories and spare parts: Printer for autoclave (ref. 922-PRINTER04) and paper roll for autoclave printer (ref. 534-ROLLPAPER). Autoclave process step by step: 1- Open the door, take the tools and accessories that are within the sterilisation chamber, remove the wrapper and clean them.2- Plug the power cord to a suitable power source.3- Plug the printer (optional accessory, it is sold separately. If you wish to purchase it, please look the reference 922-PRINTER04).4- Switch on: The main switch is located on the right bottom in the front panel.Once activated, the LCD screen is on, where basic operation icons of the steriliser appear, such as the position of the door, the water level, the sterilisation programme, date, time, etc.5- Fill tank with distilled water.Remove the top lid and fill, if you hear a signal, it means that you exceeded the permitted level of water in the tank, please stop immediately and drain the amount of water necessary for the signal off.6- Preparation of material to be sterilised:Place instruments that are of different materials in different trays, however take care to separate them before sterilisation.If the instruments are not stainless steel, put some sterilisation paper between the tray and the instruments.Do not allow direct contact between instruments of different materials.Verify that all instruments are in correct position.Place on tray instruments such as lenses, containers, tubes, etc. inverted, so that water does not stagnate within them.Do not overload the trays above their limit.Do not overlap the trays on top of each other, or put them in direct contact with the wall of the sterilisation chamber.Do not use metal clips or pins, this may impair the operation of the steriliser.7- Select the sterilisation programme.8- Start the sterilisation cycle.After selecting the sterilisation programme, insert instruments into the chamber through the trays, using the supplied plastic handle.Once the instruments are within the chamber, close the door.Caution: Be sure to close the door, otherwise the steriliser displays an alarm and can not start or stop the programme during the cycle.9. Start the sterilisation programme.Press the start button, then the steriliser start operating during approximately between 30-75 minutes.10-After the sterilisation cycle.After completion of the sterilisation cycle, the printer will print the full report automatically (optional accessory with reference 922-PRINTER04)After the pressure drops to zero, you can open the door and remove the instruments. The steriliser alerts by a beep once the sterilisation cycle is completed.Caution: Whenever you remove instruments, use the supplied plastic handle for supporting trays. IMPORTANT: Do not reuse waste water. Installation: There must be at least 10 cm of free space around the sterilizer, 25 cm at the top, and enough room for the door to open. The place where you use the steriliser must have adequate ventilation. The steriliser must be placed on a stable surface and at an adequate height for handling. Do not cover or block the side outlets or outlet grille air condenser fan. Do not place the steriliser near water sources where it can be splashed. Keep away from heat sources. Example of a printed report: * The printer is an optional accessory and is sold separately. If you wish to purchase it, please look for the reference 922-PRINTER04. ================================Programme: WRAPPEDTemperature: 134CPressure: 206.0 kPaDrying time: 08minSterilisation time: 4.0Min--------------------------------Time Temp. pressureStart 12:28:17 089.0CT1: 12:31:32 087.1C -075.0kPaT2: 12:33:43 110.2C 052.0kPaT3: 12:36:37 088.9C -080.0kPaT4: 12:39:20 114.7C 053.7kPaT5: 12:43:37 087.9C -080.0kPaT6: 12:50:40 134.8C 206.0kPaTS: 134.7C 209.5kPaMax. Temperature: 135.2CMin. Temperature: 134.3CMax. Pressure: 214.0kPaMin. Pressure: 204.9kPaT7: 12:54:39 134.4C 211.4kPaT8: 12:57:36 102.1C -060.0kPaT9: 12:59:54 098.2C -060.0kPa13:04:07 End 102.4C--------------------------------Cycle No .: 00017Result: successDate: 07/06/2014SN: E54723operator:================================ Regulations: 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive. 97/23/EEC Pressure Equipment Directive. EN 13060 Small steam water steriliser. EN 61326, EN 61000 Electromagnetic compatibility. EN 61010-1, UL 61010-1 Safety requirements. EN 61010-2-040, IEC 61010-2-040 Specific requirements for steam sterilisers used for treatment of medical materials.  In the UK this product needs to be inspected and certified anually. BVM Medical  offer this service We do however have a technical service based in Spain to cover the product during the warranty period  
USD 707.0 - 1165.0/pcs
Description: The new Panther tattoo chair, for tattoo parlors, with many mobile and adjustable elements, allowing you to take the best position in any situation, both for professionals and for their clients. This is a high quality product with a fantastic value for money that guarantees the best service for your customers. Features: Steel frame with chrome finish. Height adjustment by hydraulic system. 360º swivel with locking system Backrest tilt from 0º to 85º. Headrest with soft insert and additional support. The armrests are adjustable in height, swivel, tilt and distance from the seat. Adjustable footrests for tilt, opening and extension. Low maintenance black upholstery. Very comfortable memory foam padding. Specifications: General dimensions of the chair (min/max in cm): 188/214 (length) × 62/102 (width) × 67/82 (height). Padding: 8 cm, foam. Artificial leather: PVC. Back height: 86 cm. Seat width: 62 cm. Seat length: 64 cm. Maximum width: 102 cm. Leg section length: 63-76 cm. Leg section width: 25 cm. Maximum load capacity: 150 kg. Chair weight: 62 kg.
USD 1.03/pcs 1.03
Size: 120x140 cm.Material: 100% polyester.Pack: 12 pieces. The smooth and soft surface allows the hair to glide easily and not stick. It uses an elastic band fixation method and special stainless steel clips that can be adjusted to prevent cut hair from getting on the body and clothing. which is more comfortable and durable than straps and Velcro. Very comfortable and practical classic peignoir (cape for haircuts). Cape hairdresser wholesale, for haircuts with elastic band and hooks color black
USD 5690.0/pcs 5690.0
Great MAX Ultimate 6. New super efficient vacuum cleaner for nail artists. Dreams Come True! Imagine you've just finished making a nail correction for a client and the table is clean. No more masks, sawdust on a wet napkin and other tricks. You just work clean. Do you like the feeling? Then the choice is obvious. Order the MAX Ultimate 6 super powerful desktop vacuum cleaner now! The main features of the model: Stunningly comfortable and stylish body. Convenient for both the master and the client. Easily disinfected. Doesn't miss. Does not cool the client's hand, as it is made of plastic, unlike metal counterparts. A special area against slipping of the client's hands in the version of the vacuum cleaner without a pillow. Made in the form of a plastic pillow with a diamond pattern. This is additional aesthetics and convenience during work. The vacuum cleaner is securely fixed on the table. Thanks to special rubberized feet, it does not move during operation. It is very convenient. In addition, the legs are now recessed into the body of the vacuum cleaner and are less visible. The appearance has become even neater. New protective grille MAX Safe 3! Consists of two parts: plastic outer and aluminum inner. The honeycomb-shaped outer grille contributes to the correct air flow. The inner grille reliably protects the fan blades. Differences from the previous model: the size of the suction zone and the size of the honeycomb have been increased. In addition, there is now a space between the outer and inner grilles that prevents dust from getting caught. The redesigned MAX Pro speed controller is now even more comfortable. In addition to the fact that it is now placed directly on the body next to the power button, the regulator board itself has also changed. The operation of the device has become even more stable. Super Powerful Ultimate Fan. Up to 4.5 times more powerful than a conventional vacuum cleaner. Fan capacity up to 339.81 m3 / h. This is a lot, because usually this figure for manicure vacuum cleaners is about 80 m3 / hour. The vacuum cleaner perfectly draws in dust, skin particles and sawdust. It will help keep your office clean and safe. An excellent choice for craftsmen who use gel and acrylic in their work. Two large 3d filter bags with Easy On included. They perfectly retain sawdust and are easy to change. Reusable filter bags. For comfortable work, order additional bags according to the number of working days per week. The average service life of a filter bag with proper care is 1.5-2 months. Proprietary Easy On bag installation system. Due to the adjustable length of the filter elastic, it has become much more convenient to remove and put on than a conventional manicure vacuum cleaner. Warranty 24 months. We use only high-quality components in production, so we are confident in our products. Each vacuum cleaner is assembled by hand. Products undergo a triple quality control: check of components, check of the product after assembly and check at the packaging stage. Within the framework of the guarantee, the delivery of the vacuum cleaner from your city to the service center and back is carried out at our expense! The product is certified. The vacuum cleaner has 2 certificates confirming the quality: Customs and European Union. With MAX, you won't be afraid of any checks. Certificate and warranty card included with each vacuum cleaner.
United States of America
USD 22.0/pcs 22.0
Rootflage is a leading provider in hair products, helping women extend the life of their hair color.
Tomi Beauty
USD 62.46/pcs 62.46
We present to your attention our Beauty-refrigerator, it compactly fits your favorite products - serums, creams, patches, masks, and even a quartz roller will find a place there. Volume is 6 liters.
USD 6.85/pcs 6.85
Moser and Wahl
USD 64.73/pcs 64.73
POWER: Powerful heavy-duty cable clipper ideal for continuous use. PROFESSIONAL: Professional V5000 vibration motor for strength and durability. CHROME BLADE: Precision chrome blade set. Comfortable thumb lever adjusts taper and texture without changing the 1 - 3.5mm blade. Model: 08466-216H
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Production Russia. Lightweight, stable, durable, water-oil-proof massage tables (couches). We offer favorable terms of cooperation. Delivery even to the moon. For 4 years we have been improving production and this is what we got: 1) Artificial leather of Russian production with a double delay makes it easy to clean and process the table surface. 2) Elastic and durable filling in the form of polyurethane will make long-term procedures comfortable for clients. 3) Strength, stability and durability will be provided by metal cables with a thickness of at least 3 millimeters (for a break of more than 550 kilograms), argon welding of aluminum elements, six-layer Finnish plywood (material-birch) and the use of SHELLERS instead of WALKOVS as connections (legs do not loosen after a month ). 4) Adjusting the legs in height will provide an opportunity to conduct sessions with comfort for the master and save his strength. 5) Lightness and transposition during field procedures will be provided by aluminum structures in combination with the small size of the couch. - * We provide a choice of more than out of 10 colors !!! * WHOLESALE from 5 pieces. Couches for beauty masters: - Eyelash extensions - Massage - Shugaring - Microblading - Permanent make-up - Tattooing and permanent make-up - Cosmetology.
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Packaging Details: Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might otherwise be caused during storage or transportation. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I.D. and quality information.     Material Color Size Alloy Thickness Pcs/Set Aluminium Silver It can be customize 8011, 1235 0.006mm-0.02mm   25 pcs/set Quality: Standard (As per required). Packaging: Customized. Material: Aluminum. Widely used in: Food Industries. Type: Roll.         Sample: Freely. Size: Customized.
Стамбул, Turkey
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Disposable sheet in a roll Material: 1) 2-layer (polyethylene, thickness 8 microns + paper 18g / m2) • Do not require washing. • They have a waterproof layer Size: width 50 / 60cm length 50 / 100m Perforation: standard 40cm is also possible at your discretion 50/60/70 / 80cm Packing: Plastic bag and then into cardboard.
USD 46.82/pcs 46.82
Manicure table Article 09 with drawers Material: 16mm chipboard, PVC edge Overall dimensions: Ш1100хГ450хВ730 Available colors: Main color: white, gray, cream, wenge Optional color: red, black, lime, pink, yellow, orange
USD 9.85/pcs 9.85
"• 3W power. • Powerful motor. • High-carbon steel blade. • Battery autonomous operation. • Ergonomic design. • Accessories: external adapter, clipper, lubricating oil."

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