Lifting mechanism AERO
Lifting mechanism AERO
Lifting mechanism AERO
Lifting mechanism AERO
Product description
AEROBUS is a lifting mechanism for small and lightweight facades of headset top modules, as well as built-in solutions. AEROBUS provides the consumer with a simple and convenient hinged way to open the facade: along an upward arc, providing maximum access to the contents of the cabinet. Installing AEROBUS is very simple. Fastening is similar to the clip-on hinge principle: the mechanism is simply clipped to the front - to the left or right side of the drawer. AEROBUS is suitable for small facades of different sizes: from 180 to 400 mm, weight from 2.4 to 12.3 kg. All mechanisms of the AERO range can be used with facades made of aluminum profile, section 50x20mm. Features : Model: AEROBUS Front weight: 2.4-12.3 kg Front height: 180-400 mm Complete set: Everything you need for assembly, installation and adjustment: 2 mechanisms, 2 covers, fasteners and tools, assembly instructions Qty per package: 1 Package weight: 1.030 kg
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Lifting mechanism AERO - 3905

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