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  Buying furniture in China Our scheme of work related to the purchase of furniture in China, for more than 13 years, has been perfected to the smallest detail.With the help of our specialists, we helped to select, buy and deliver furniture from China to clients from Russia, Kazakhstan, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, America, etc. With the help of JINHAO, you will significantly save your budget and time. Thorough knowledge of everything about the choice of furniture in China, a developed database of reliable suppliers, will help you in purchasing truly high-quality furniture from luxury to budget options. Assistance in transferring and exchanging funds through our offshore company in China. Competent preparation of accompanying documents will help you avoid problems with the export of purchased goods from China. Own warehouses for collection, packaging and further shipment to the desired location.
USD 73.45/pcs 73.45
  Spare parts for special equipment from leading manufacturers
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Representative in China JinHao will become your reliable guide to the world of business partnership with China. 12 years of successful experience in the trade and economic sphere of this country allows us to rightfully consider ourselves a qualified assistant for Russian, Belarusian and Kazakh entrepreneurs in the matter of establishing contacts. Our specialists are ready to tackle various tasks - from one-time orders to complex transactions and search for suppliers. Our impeccable reputation is based on a responsible attitude to our work and high professionalism of our staff.

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