Stop-latch for AMF11 / GR facades
Stop-latch for AMF11 / GR facades
Product description
AMF11 - front latch-stop with an adjustable pusher and a magnet, hidden attachment; designed for cabinets with hinged fronts, drawers, kitchen baskets. The mechanism allows you to open and close the fronts without furniture handles with a light push, and the magnet keeps the front from opening too abruptly. AMF11 is compatible with all types of hinges. Pusher stroke - 43-45 mm, spring force - 15N. Color - white or gray. Material - ABS plastic. A set of AMF11 parts includes: an emphasis-latch, a mounting plate, 3 screws, a case, a striker. Features: Purpose: push-to-open (extending after pressing) Model: side attachment to the body < / li> Optional: magnetic tip and metal striker. Package quantity: 100 Package weight: 1.535 kg
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Stop-latch for AMF11 / GR facades - 3917

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