Latex Spandex Covering Machine  YH-116AE
Product description
YH-116AE : Fully Electronic Covering Machine * Taking the highest electronic technology to change from mechanical type into fully automatic computerized operation. * Operation become simple, the consumption of machine parts was reduced noise is less and the data output from the computer is accurate.   Introduction:  Elongation, twisting , tension of take up tube and tension of take up Forming all are taking high technology servo motor with PLC control , Meantime, machine running with gear belt type which has the highest quality.  Machine noise is less and speed increasing due to use gear type belt instead of metal gear.  Using delicate servo motor, the products twisting range can be higher than using metal gear.  Using delicate electrical forming device, the take up tube forming range can be adjusted easily and widely, the forming edge can be softer.  Machine layout: 2500 + (1840 x N) x 1500mm x 2200mm N = No. of section
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Latex Spandex Covering Machine YH-116AE - 61979

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