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USD 8.0 - 10.5/pcs
DuPont™ Tyvek® 500 Hooded Jumpsuit Expert.Material: TYVEK polyethylene - 100%, 41 g/m²Weight: less than 180g.Closure: zipperDesign features: 3-piece hood provides optimal fit and freedom of movement of the head. Elasticated hood, cuffs and hem, glued-in elastic waistband.Design allows for freedom of movement.Easy to grip with gloves, oversized zipper pull tab.Tyvek® material is made from high-density polyethylene fibers using fast twist technology for a superior fit. protective properties, durability and convenience. Tyvek® is a breathable material that is permeable to air and water vapor, but repels splashes of aqueous solutions and aerosols. A high degree of barrier protection against fine particles, viral and bacterial agents, fibers up to 1 micron in size, and at the same time extremely low linting of the material itself. Antistatic treatment. Silicone-free. Applications: medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and gas, equipment repair, paint spraying, general cleaning and many others. Complies with TR CU 019/2011Color: white Size range: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
USD 0.98/pcs 0.98
Reusable lint-free cloth for clean rooms, laboratories, operating rooms, industries with increased requirements for cleanliness. • Used to remove excess sealant, mastic and other contaminants. • Due to the special structure of the knit, they have excellent absorbent properties and are able to capture dust particles. • Wipes do not contain silicone. • Convenient size and unique strength properties provide multiple use - at least 50 applications. • Maintain hostile environment for processing - solvents, acids, alcohols. • Sterilization is possible. (Autoclave, chemistry) Particularly strong and durable - technical cloth with overlaid edges. The standard size of 35x40 cm is convenient for any manipulations when cleaning or wiping equipment. Package options: 3 pcs. 5 pieces. 10 pieces. and more FORMULA FOR CALCULATION OF THE BENEFITS OF APPLICATION AND PURCHASE: 90r / 50 applications = 1rub 80 kopecks for 1 application!!!
USD 2.0/pcs 2.0
Goggles (partially insulating) - modern, lightweight, universal, made of polycarbonate with a panoramic protective glass. Designed to protect the eyes from the front, top and sides from mechanical impacts, abrasive, UV radiation, direct splashes, splashes of biological fluids . Protective glass is resistant to chemicals, acid and alkali solutions, disinfectants. Features: • Enhanced panoramic view • Light weight • Double-sided anti-fog, abrasion and scratch resistant coating • 100% UV protection • Increased frontal, side and top protection, can be worn with corrective glasses • Compatible with many types of PPE WHEN WHOLESALE ORDER - VOLUME DISCOUNT!!!
USD 4.0/pcs 4.0
Goggles \ mask - insulating - these are modern, versatile, comfortable and convenient goggles with a high degree of protective properties, with a panoramic protective glass made of polycarbonate. Designed to protect the eyes from the front, top, bottom and sides from mechanical impacts, abrasive, UV radiation, splashes and drops of biological fluids, sprays, protection against splashes and sparks of molten metal. Protective glass is resistant to chemicals, acid and alkali solutions, UV radiation, disinfectants. Features: • Increased panoramic view and 360° protection • Double-sided anti-fog and abrasion protection • 100% UV protection • Increased protection from all sides • Can be worn with glasses, including corrective glasses • Soft PVC body with a wide band obturation provides a comfortable, soft fit to the user's face, reduces pressure on the face and fatigue of the worker • Protection against splashes, splashes of molten metal and sparks • adjustable wide headband securely and comfortably fixes glasses on the user's head • Compatible with many types of PPE • Analogs: 3H11 Panorama super (PC) (ROSOMZ) art. 21130, UVEX Ultravision FOR BULK ORDER - VOLUME DISCOUNT!
USD 10.5/kg 10.5
Knitted fabric of different composition and texture, natural and synthetic composition, for sports and casual wear, different density and colors.
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LLC "Kofa" is a production and trade enterprise of St. Petersburg. The company is engaged in sewing personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical purposes and PPE for various enterprises. Also, the production and trade enterprise KOFA sells such products as face shields, masks (reusable and disposable), protective overalls for disposable and reusable other manufacturers, protective shoe covers and other personal protective equipment at affordable prices. In addition to everything, the KOFA company is actively developing in the direction of protective covers for robotics and high-tech equipment operating in aggressive environments. disposable and reusable overalls from other manufacturers, shoe covers and other PPE at affordable prices.

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