Goggles/mask - insulating
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Goggles \ mask - insulating - these are modern, versatile, comfortable and convenient goggles with a high degree of protective properties, with a panoramic protective glass made of polycarbonate. Designed to protect the eyes from the front, top, bottom and sides from mechanical impacts, abrasive, UV radiation, splashes and drops of biological fluids, sprays, protection against splashes and sparks of molten metal. Protective glass is resistant to chemicals, acid and alkali solutions, UV radiation, disinfectants. Features: • Increased panoramic view and 360° protection • Double-sided anti-fog and abrasion protection • 100% UV protection • Increased protection from all sides • Can be worn with glasses, including corrective glasses • Soft PVC body with a wide band obturation provides a comfortable, soft fit to the user's face, reduces pressure on the face and fatigue of the worker • Protection against splashes, splashes of molten metal and sparks • adjustable wide headband securely and comfortably fixes glasses on the user's head • Compatible with many types of PPE • Analogs: 3H11 Panorama super (PC) (ROSOMZ) art. 21130, UVEX Ultravision FOR BULK ORDER - VOLUME DISCOUNT!
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