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Household chemicals in bulk on Qoovee

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Elix Plus AllinOne One tool, many solutions. A specially formulated 18-component product that removes all forms of grease, dirt and stains. Has a disinfectant property, cleansing the surface from germs, viruses and bacteria.   APPLICATION AREA It is used for cleaning: - gas stoves, ovens, hoods, pans, trays made of aluminum, steel, glass, ceramics, glass ceramics; deep fryers, barbecues , - seats, ceiling, interior of the car hood, - stains   clothes from any material and other textiles, - air conditioning filters and ventilation grilles, - floors with various types of dirt, - leather, fabric seats, sofas, armchairs, - carpets and rugs of any material, - dirty false ceilings made of iron, aluminum, plastic, - dirty interior doors made of wood and its components (MDF, chipboard, fiberboard, etc.), - traces of ink from any surface.   MODE OF APPLICATION It is applied by direct spraying on the contaminated area. After a minute, wipe with a damp cloth or soft brush, rinse. When removing stains from clothes, treat the stain with a small amount of substance, leave for 2-3 minutes, then rinse with water or wash in a washing machine. Does not change the color of the fabric. It is used by washing machines to remove all kinds of stains.
USD 1.37/pcs 1.37
Reusable lint-free cloth for clean rooms, laboratories, operating rooms, industries with increased requirements for cleanliness. • Used to remove excess sealant, mastic and other contaminants. • Due to the special structure of the knit, they have excellent absorbent properties and are able to capture dust particles. • Wipes do not contain silicone. • Convenient size and unique strength properties provide multiple use - at least 50 applications. • Maintain hostile environment for processing - solvents, acids, alcohols. • Sterilization is possible. (Autoclave, chemistry) Particularly strong and durable - technical cloth with overlaid edges. The standard size of 35x40 cm is convenient for any manipulations when cleaning or wiping equipment. Package options: 3 pcs. 5 pieces. 10 pieces. and more FORMULA FOR CALCULATION OF THE BENEFITS OF APPLICATION AND PURCHASE: 90r / 50 applications = 1rub 80 kopecks for 1 application!!!
South Korea
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Has mild and soft foam, refreshing cleaning power and tangle- free conditioning effect. Maintains the balance with a PH similar to that of the scalp. Cares for a clean and strong scalp by removing dead skin cells and supplying nutrients. Coconut oil derived surfactant is used for gentle hair washing and contains complexes such as Polygonum Multiflorum Root Extract, Sophora Flavescens Root Extract, Angelica Gigas Root Extract, healthy.
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Caustic soda flakes 99±0.5% Caustic soda application: Oil, gas and petrochemical industry Detergent and soap production. Cardboard and paper industry. Drilling solution. Food industry Textile industry, etc. Packaging Three-layer laminated bag Weight: 25 kg BigBag Weight: 1250 kg. Pallet packed in shrink tape. Weight: 1500 kg Metal drum with one inner plastic layer, weight 25 kg.
USD 80.0/pcs 80.0
I bring to your attention handmade bath bombs. WHO SHOULD COOPERATE WITH ME? - flower and gift shops - for gifts to colleagues or clients - beauty masters - beauty salons Wholesale from 100 pcs. Wholesale available for sets. The price depends on the number of bombs. Bomb bridges use delicious aromas and are made only from natural, non-allergic materials. I meet the deadlines for order fulfillment and deliver to any city. Ready to discuss your wishes in private messages PHOTO MY WORK!
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Sale at a discount from the market value. ESPO Diesel EN 590 Liquefied natural gas (LNG) Light Cycle Oil (LCO) UREA 46 PETROLEUM COKE Quantity: from 10,000 tons per month Terms of payment: SBLC Terms of delivery: CIF safe world port Price: The final price depends on the country of delivery and will be provided to FCO after receiving the official LOI and the reference from the Buyer.
Home SPA
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Gift set of bombs with crystals. The set includes 3 spheres with a diameter of 6 centimeters. Completely safe composition. The components included in the composition will gently moisturize your skin. Super slow foam dissolution lasts up to 20 minutes! Packing included. Delivery throughout Russia.
Home SPA
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Bath foam in a new format! Economical and safe! One piece is enough for several applications. How to use: put the figurine under the stream of water and enjoy the foam cloud. The stronger the jet, the more foam.
USD 50.0 - 500.0/pcs
The creator of more than 10,000 bombs The author's recipe for colored foam bombs with a dissolution of 10 minutes The largest wholesale supply - 1000 bombs in one hand (repeatedly)
USD 1.0/Ton 1.0
Sodium lauryl ether sulfate , Forms a stable foam, good cleaning power. Soluble even in hard water. It is a colorless or yellowish viscous liquid, practically odorless, stable with acid, alkali and oxide solutions. The product is pumped at room temperature and dissolves well in production mixers, forming clear solutions at any ratio. The main raw material for the production of hair shampoos, bath foams, soaps, dishwashing detergents, etc.
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triple pressed stearic acid. Acid value (mg KOH/g) 207-211 Color White Solubility in water Insoluble Saponification value (mg KOH/g) 208-212 Iodine value Max. 0.5 Density (g/cm3) 830±20 (℃) 54-57 C18 (%) 37-41 Shape Bead Application Production of glycerol esters, metal stearates, fatty amines, alkyd resins, lubricants, paper, plastics, coatings , paints, soaps, detergents, cosmetics, polishes, top coats and candles
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Goods in stock, price from truck
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Calcium/zinc based stabilizer suitable for the production of rigid PVC pipes. This stabilizer has a sufficient range of effective lubricants, which makes it unnecessary to use additional lubricants in the formulation. This stabilizer has been developed for twin screw extruders and large high pressure pipes. It is the best choice for hygiene products. Form Powder Color White Ash (%) 26±1 Solubility in water Insoluble Application Pressure pipes (6-16 bar) Water supply pipes Potable water pipes Recommended flow rates Depending on formulation, process conditions and product type; 2.5-3.5 parts Standard packaging 25 kg net, in a composite bag
USD 1.0/Ton 1.0
It is a lead-based stabilizer specifically designed for sheathing and cable insulation. Due to its high lead content, it has excellent mechanical and electrical properties. This grade has higher lubricity Chemical-Physical Specification Form Powder Color White Ash (%) 59±1 Solubility in water Insoluble Application PVC sheath and insulation of electric cable Recommended costs Depending on formulation, process conditions and type of product; 2.5-3.5 parts Standard packaging 25 kg net, in a composite bag
Household chemicals from Europe
Алматы, Kazakhstan
USD 9.71/pcs 9.71
Perfume for laundry. Keeps the fragrance of your laundry for three months. Delivery from Germany directly or from Kaliningrad and Almaty.
USD 80.0 - 160.0/pcs
Bath bombs, bright foam Dissolution from 10 min guaranteed
USD 1.0/Ton 1.0
Volume fraction of chlorine, %, not less than 99.8 99.6 Mass fraction of water, %, not more than 0.01 0.04 Mass fraction of nitrogen trichloride, %, not more than 0.002 0.004 Mass fraction of non-volatile residue, %, not more than 0.015 0 ,ten
USD 9.0 - 12.0/pcs
This concentrated natural Citrus heavy duty hand degreaser is the ideal product for hand cleaning.The balanced formula with moderate pH is safe for your skin while it cleans and degreases.This kind of hand wash degreaser brings you the the Citrus aromatic after using.
USD 2.0 - 6.0/pcs
Erha hand cleaner for mechanics can cut through dirt, grease and grime without being irritating to your hands. Pleasant flower Fragrance scent leaves hands with no lingering solvent odour.
USD 0.0/pcs 0.0
Apply evenly to the contaminated surface and wipe dry with a soft cloth.
USD 0.02/pcs 0.02
High-quality gentle care soap with revitalizing extract.. Luxurious soap for home spa treatments. Creamy foam will pamper the skin. Provides delicate moisturizing skin care. Liquid soap is suitable for daily hand washing.
USD 2.06/pcs 2.06
Kitchen cleaner and grease remover. The tool is designed for quick and effective cleaning of stoves and kitchen utensils from complex and old dirt. Suitable for use on popular types of kitchen surfaces (tile, glass, ceramic, PVC, stainless steel, aluminum - with care).
USD 2.03/pcs 2.03
Means for cleaning products of sanitary purposes. The cleaner perfectly removes soap deposits, grease, lime deposits, does not leave streaks on the surface, ensures cleanliness and shine. Suitable for popular types of surfaces in the bathroom (tile, glass, ceramic, PVC, stainless steel surfaces, for chrome elements, aluminum - with care).
USD 1.65/pcs 1.65
Means for cleaning products of sanitary purposes. The special thick gel formula is ideal for removing plaque and rust, and eliminates unpleasant odors. Our product provides hygiene and adds shine to faience surfaces.
USD 1.36/pcs 1.36
It is used for cleaning toilets, urinals, sinks, bidets, all types of tiled and mosaic surfaces. METHOD OF APPLICATION: it is necessary to dilute the agent with water in the ratio of 1/10-20 to the proportions of water. Use for washing glass surfaces and cleaning after repair work is possible.
USD 1.19/pcs 1.19
Scale. Limescale and rusty smudges on sinks, bathtubs, and tiles will come off without any effort.
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We have 46 sales of urea, I am looking for serious buyers.   chemical sales ŞELALE ÇERİ    VENUSCE ITHALAT IHRACAT SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI
USD 3.0/Ton 3.0
Paper One A4 Paper One 80 GSM 70 Gram Copy Paper / A4 Copy Paper 75GSM / Double a A4 Copy Paper Product Description: Color copy/offset paper & color cardboard is used for School & Office use. Paper weight: 55gsm-400gsm.Quality: virgin wood pulp materials. Colors: totally 31 different colors, including light colors, deep colors, dark colors and fluorescent colors, OEM colors are acceptable. Size: both in sheets or in reels, letter & legal size, A4/A3 size, 500x700mm, 700x1000mm, 787x1092mm, 889x1194mm size, or any customized size. Package: bulk pack, color assorted pack, pallet for big size sheets, in roll or any customized package.
USD 300.0/L 300.0
We supply chemical compound Gbl cleaners in 1L 2L 3L 10L, 20L, 50L, 100L etc   ?-Butyrolactone is a hygroscopic colorless, water-miscible liquid with a faint characteristic odor.   It is the simplest 4-carbon lactone. It is mainly used as an intermediate in the production of other chemicals, e.g. methyl-2-pyrrolidone       gamma butyrolactone manufacturers india;   gamma butyrolactone market   gamma butyrolactone malaysia   manufacturer of gamma butyrolactone   gamma-butyrolactone mass spectrum   gamma butyrolactone msds basf   gamma butyrolactone merck   gamma butyrolactone nz buy gbl online   buy gbl cleaner australia   buy gbl australia   buy gbl sydney   buy gbl online australia   buy gbl online   buy gbl online usa   buy gbl usa   buy gbl cleaner   buy gbl amazon   buy gbl alibaba   buy gbl alloy cleaner   where do you buy a gbl   gbl buy bitcoin   buy gbl brazil   buy gbl basf   buy gbl (gamma butyrolactone) online   best buy nl 3mmc 4mmc   buy gbl cleaner uk   buy gbl canada   buy gbl china gamma butyrolactone legal in canada   gamma butyrolactone uk legal   is gamma butyrolactone legal in the usa   la gamma butyrolactone   gamma butyrolactone msds   buy gbl cleaner online   order gbl canada   buy gbl with credit card   buy gbl discreetly in the usa   buy gbl next day delivery   buy gbl europe   buy gbl ebay   buy gbl europe reddit   buy gbl eu   buy gbl from china   buy gbl france   gbl order finland   buy gbl germany   gbl for sale australia   gbl products australia   buy gbl in uk   buy gbl ireland   buy gbl india   buy gbl from us   buy gbl online india   where to buy gbl in australia   can you buy gbl in australia?   can i buy gbl   where can i buy gbl in the uk?   where can i buy gbl wheel cleaner?   i want gbl . to buy   buy gbl uk online   gbl cleaner australia   buy gbl liquid   buy gbl london   buy gbl lithuania   buy gbl mexico   buy gbl netherlands   buy gbl nz   buy gbl nl   buy gbl online netherlands   gbl buy australia   buy gbl online ship to usa   buy gbl online canada   buy gbl online reddit   buy gbl poland   buy gbl paint remover   buy gbl paypal   buy pure gbl   buy gbl spain   buy gbl in uk   gbl to buy   buy gbl usa reddit   buy gbl us   order gbl usa   best place to buy gbl uk   buy gbl wheel cleaner   buy gbl walmart   buy gbl 100ml   gamma-butyrolactone nmr   gamma butyrolactone nail polish remover   gamma-butyrolactone-nist   gamma butyrolactone natural   gamma butyrolactone new zealand   gamma butyrolactone nedir   ?-butyrolactone NMR spectra   n acetyl-gamma-butyrolactone   gamma butyrolactone online   gamma butyrolactone other names   order gamma butyrolactone   smell of gamma butyrolactone   buy gamma butyrolactone online   gamma-butyrolactone ring opening   buy gbl (gamma butyrolactone) online   gamma butyrolactone products uk   gamma butyrolactone products nz   gamma butyrolactone pronunciation   gamma butyrolactone price in india   ?-butyrolactone quorum sensing   gamma butyrolactone suppliers uk   gamma butyrolactone sds   gamma butyrolactone solvent   gamma butyrolactone suppliers nz   gamma butyrolactone sigma   Gamma Butyrolactone Suppliers In India   (s)-3-hydroxy-gamma-butyrolactone   (s)-(-)-alpha-amino-gamma-butyrolactone hydrobromo   gamma-butyrolactone surface tension   gamma butyrolactone uk    
USD 45.0/Ton 45.0
Our sulfur sales in Iraq and Iran have been going on for many years.
USD 2.0 - 10.0/pcs
Bottling of household chemicals in any quantity
USD 2.5 - 5.0/pcs
We sell laundry soap of the 1st grade with a percentage of fatty acids of at least 72%. It is possible to supply a semi-finished product, as well as a finished product according to your requirements (design, whole, etc.)
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Technical sodium hypochlorite NaClO — GOST 11086-76 Mass concentration of active chlorine not less than 180 g/dm3. It is used for disinfection of domestic and industrial wastewater, drinking water and water of swimming pools, sanitary premises, swimming pools, sanitary premises, for disinfection in everyday life, hospitals and health care institutions, equipment, linen, household and other equipment, for bleaching paper, wadding, cotton, fabric, cellulose, etc.
Business China
USD 100.0/pcs 100.0
Yumos Spray 500 ml Lavanda purple, Yumos Spray 500 ml Comfort spring Yellow, Yumos Spray 500 ml Orchid Pink, Yumos 1440 ml Lilyum Blue, Yumos 1440 ml Hanimeli Yellow, Yumos 1440 ml Amber red, Yumos 1440 ml Lavander pink, Yumos Deterjan 1500 ml renkli giyseler ichin red black liquid powder, Yumos liquid powder 2.5L.
Екатеринбург, Russia
USD 34.0 - 470.0/pcs
The wholesale company "JS AROMAT" offers washing powders house-keeper of the Lotus series. Available from a box of 450 gr to 20 kg, as well as in liquid form, 5 liters each. Prices from 34 rubles. The minimum order is 50,000 rubles. When ordering from 600 kg free delivery to any mall. We work without VAT!
Akballar Group
Diyarbakır, Turkey
USD 100.0 - 10000.0/pcs
We have everything you need. Ask for clarification. We will agree on prices. We welcome orders in large sizes.
USD 1.1/pcs 1.1
1. Quality Perforated Paper 202 cm 100 gr Minimum order 30 pieces Shipment within 3 days direct from factory
USD 1.1/pcs 1.1
1. Quality Perforated Paper 182 cm 100 gr Minimum order 30 pieces Shipment within 3 days direct from factory
USD 1.1/pcs 1.1
1. Quality Perforated Paper 162 cm 100 gr Minimum order 30 pieces Shipment within 3 days direct from factory
USD 1.1/pcs 1.1
1. Quality Perforated Paper 152 cm 100 gr Minimum order 30 pieces Shipment within 3 days direct from factory

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