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Lighters and accessories for smoking in bulk on Qoovee

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Smokehouse smoke generator for cold smoking of products Specifications: - The volume of the smoldering chamber is 5 liters. - Smoking time at full load 20 hours. The smoke generator is : - Pipe 115mm made of stainless steel (heat-resistant) - Reducing nipple 20x25x1 / 2. - Reducing nipple 20x25x3 / 4. - Transitional coupling BP 20x25x1 / 2. - Threaded locknut 1/2. - Condensate container. - Tube 10mm injector. - Cooling tube 25mm. - Cover / condensate drain 115mm. - Bottom cap (Sheet 1.5mm). - Adapter for tap quick connect. 1 / 2-3 / 4. Air blower adjustable : - Junction box 65x65x50mm. - Turbine fan 50x50x15 24V. - Voltage converter SX1308 2-28v / 5-28v 2A. - Variable resistor S16KN1-B 100K kOm. - Micro usb charging cable. - Quick hose connector. 1 / 2-5 / 8. - The cap is a stub for a resistor.  

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