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USD 5138.41/pcs 5138.41
Smart film Proektsia (Projection) with the function of variable transparency from matte to transparent is a special polymer liquid crystal film that is glued to any glass surface in order to adjust the transparency of the glass in a fraction of a second from the remote control: from matte to transparent and from gray to transparent. Just one press of a button - and the glass can hide the situation from prying eyes or become transparent. Smart tint film PDLC is an innovative solution that has a wide range of applications: car tinting, an alternative to blinds and curtains, confidential rooms (negotiation rooms, recreation areas, fitting rooms), office / room partitions, facade glazing. The rear projection film, in addition to the function of changing the transparency of the glass, can act as a surface for video projection - a good bonus to the main functionality! The image seems to be “hanging in the air”. The viewer does not block the beam from the projector. Usually the viewer does not see the source of the projected image, the projector is hidden behind the screen. Obtaining a seamless and sufficiently large image compared to displays Controlled by the remote control. Low voltage is absolutely safe for humans. Economical power consumption 5 W/m2. Characteristics: 1. Total thickness - 0.35 mm 2. Roll width - 150 cm, length - 75 m 3. Power consumption - 5 W / m2 4. Operates under voltage - 48 V 5. UV protection - 99% 6. Light transmission in transparent mode - 82% 7. Light transmission in matt mode - 6% 8. Temperature range - from -40 to + 70 9. Service life - 10 years.
USD 102.77/pcs 102.77
A full-bodied metal document. A personal gift. Your data engraving. Exclusively for graduates of higher educational institutions. The memorial sign is cast from metal, it is based on the official emblem of the educational institution, the graduate's personal information is engraved on it, it contains the factory stamp and a unique serial number. This is an author's handmade product. Exclusive manufacturer - the Molot plant. The size of the full configuration of the product is 40 cm x 25 cm. It is offered to manufacture graduates in several versions: on a wooden base or without, bronze or aluminum with anodizing and patinating. Gift to the head, a gift to a businessman, a gift to a graduate, the best gift, a gift to a man, a diploma to the office, a gift to a specialist, not a wall in an office, a diploma on a wall, an exclusive gift, a personalized gift, for universities, a gift to a student, a worthy gift.
USD 16.56/pcs 16.56
Type: wall-mounted Dimensions: 80 x 48 cm Stand material: PVC plastic (3 mm) Pockets material: transparent plastic (0.3 mm) Pockets format: A4 Number of pockets: 4 Weight: 1.4 kg Includes: Feedback and suggestions book, trade rules, consumer protection with Sample applications A buyer's corner for individual entrepreneurs with documents for 3 pockets is an ideal economical solution for business. The proposed option has convenient pockets for placing all the necessary brochures, information about the individual entrepreneur.
USD 19.41/pcs 19.41
Material: plastic, acrylicSize: 230 x 320 mmProducer: Russia The anti-reflective coating of the frames provides a comfortable reading of materials, regardless of the lighting.
USD 19.18/pcs 19.18
Type: wall-mounted Dimensions: 70 x 80 cm Stand material: PVC plastic (3 mm) Pockets material: transparent plastic (0.3 mm) Pockets format: A4 Number of pockets: 6 Weight: 2.1 kg Information stand with 6 A4 pockets - a design that demonstrates attentiveness to every person. The presence of six pockets makes it possible to inform employees, clients about working conditions, cooperation, talk about vacations or share other important information. Stands with 6 pockets are used in offices, in industrial production, in retail premises, and in public catering places.
USD 0.02/pcs 0.02
Fastening element: double-sided white tape, colored borderSize: 310 x 225 mm Thickness: 0.3 mm Format: A4 Material: transparent plastic Producer: Russia Note: Pockets are sold in packs of 50 pcs Self-adhesive information pocket for printing products in plastic format 0.3 mm thick decorated with a color frame of your choice. A stand pocket is a universal product designed for placing and quickly replacing paper materials: documents, instructions, diagrams.
USD 110.76/pcs 110.76
Figured information stand & nbsp; size 1950x1100 mm. Base - plastic PVC 4 mm, drawing the image - UV printing. Pockets A4 format - PET 0.7 mm, fastening double-sided tape & nbsp; 6 mm wide, 1 mm thick. We can make a stand of any shape and complexity, including backlit ones. Work experience over 10 years. The cost is indicated for a specific stand, if you order a smaller and simpler stand, then the cost will be significantly lower.
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Matte high-quality cloth tape (art.UMF25/50/G) - Green Fluorescent 48mm/50m - Gaffer tape xtra Matt High contrast and durable fabric tape Series "ultraMATT" - 76 mesh construction Four MATT bright fluorescent colors - yellow, orange, green and pink, glow in the UV spectrum exceptionally well, specially designed for marking objects. Provides visibility even in very little light and glows brightly under the UV spectrum (light). Possible sizes of rolls: 24mm x 25m, 24mm x 50m, 48mm x 25m, 48mm x 50m.
USD 8.0 - 12.0/pcs
Gaffer - 72mm/25m - Gaffer tape Matt Black Matte high-quality cloth tape Series "MATT" - 80 mesh construction This type of tape GAFFA (gaffa) - ideal for use on television, in theaters, exhibitions, events and banquet halls - where convenience is important, anti-glare properties and the ability to make notes (marker or pen) on the surface of the tape.
USD 39.97 - 176.99/pcs
Creeping lines - production Own production, highly qualified personnel and a well-oiled technological process of manufacturing allow Vostok-Led to fulfill any, even complex orders, in just 1-3 days. The high quality of the LED information boards we produce is confirmed by the corresponding Russian and foreign certificates. Our running lines, the production of which was mastered many years ago, work smoothly regardless of weather conditions. They will last a really long time, since we repeatedly check the quality of LED modules and components intended for assembling an advertising board, and test them additionally. All Vostok-Led products have a warranty of 1 year or more. Accumulative and wholesale systems of discounts operate. LED digital display creeping line Digital displays are designed to display indicators transmitted by measuring devices, exchange rates, time, queues at the doctor's office and the like. They are most widely used for displaying results and other information in various open and closed sports facilities. It is used in the form of a conventional, but more often combined or universal scoreboard. It is used for a wide variety of sports. Any digital scoreboard, even a non-standard solution, will be manufactured by us in terms of 1 day. Vostok-Led employees will perform the entire cycle of work on order - from the creation of the project itself to the installation of the finished product. The customer is only required to express his own wishes and announce the planned budget. Our specialist will offer several options for the scoreboard in just a few minutes.
USD 258.98 - 1627.85/pcs
Indoor LED screens Indoor LED screens have the following features: high resolution, allowing comfortable viewing at close range; completely silent work; no need for active cooling.
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Outdoor LED screens Special requirements are imposed on screens made for outdoor use. In this regard, such models have the following advantages: the use of antiglare filters allows you to obtain a contrasting saturated picture even when direct sunlight hits the screen; in the dark time of day LED screens attract potential visitors with their bright light, bringing a special charm to the night metropolis; high level of protection against possible precipitation, wind, dust and other environmental influences.

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