Cast diploma
Cast diploma
Product description
A full-bodied metal document. A personal gift. Your data engraving. Exclusively for graduates of higher educational institutions. The memorial sign is cast from metal, it is based on the official emblem of the educational institution, the graduate's personal information is engraved on it, it contains the factory stamp and a unique serial number. This is an author's handmade product. Exclusive manufacturer - the Molot plant. The size of the full configuration of the product is 40 cm x 25 cm. It is offered to manufacture graduates in several versions: on a wooden base or without, bronze or aluminum with anodizing and patinating. Gift to the head, a gift to a businessman, a gift to a graduate, the best gift, a gift to a man, a diploma to the office, a gift to a specialist, not a wall in an office, a diploma on a wall, an exclusive gift, a personalized gift, for universities, a gift to a student, a worthy gift.
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Cast diploma - 71631

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