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Foundry shop of the Molot plant has many years of experience in the manufacture of castings of any complexity. Model equipment is manufactured in our own model area. The foundry is being modernized by mastering the LGM technology (gasified casting). We offer you long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation in the manufacture of iron, bronze and aluminum castings of the required size.
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Sandors and penstock Universal panel gates with manual and electric drives (general industrial and explosion-proof design), shandors (shield gates without a drive), are designed to overlap trays, openings in chambers, to shut off sedimentation tanks in emergency situations, as well as in case of repairs ... Can be used in any sewerage facilities (primary and secondary radial sedimentation tanks, grid buildings, pumping stations, digester tanks, etc.), water supply, drainage and irrigation systems, etc. At present, the production of any standard sizes of panel gates has been mastered, as well as modifications of `` ХТ '' & mdash; resistant to aggressive media (sea water, treatment facilities, channels of metallurgical and chemical plants, mine waters), made of stainless steel, ethylene-propylene rubber, bronze, etc. The plant is constantly working on the modernization of the design of the valves, the use of progressive materials in the direction of reducing material consumption and improving technical characteristics. The design of the shield seal has been developed, allowing its use in places with reversible fluid flows, the wedge lock method has been improved for greater tightness, the installation scheme has been tested without the use of concrete and improvements. Taking into account the wishes of the designers, emergency opening gates, bypass gates, gates with a semicircular threshold have been introduced into serial production. Simplicity of design, installation, durability, low prices, minimum production time, guarantees of uninterrupted operation have made it possible to successfully use panel gates of LLC `` Molot-Mechanics Plant '' at various structures in Ukraine, CIS countries and far abroad.
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Custom-made wrought-iron furniture according to your specifications. Small architectural forms. Any shape and size. Cast iron. Bronze. Brass
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There are other marine pumps as well. For more information please contact. Electric submersible centrifugal electric pumping units VPEN 100/20 and VPEN 100/30 water contaminated with waste oil products, with a temperature not exceeding 70 ° С from flooded premises of ships. The pumped-out sea water may contain impurities of water contaminated with oil products and have a temperature of up to 70 ° C. In emergency or abnormal situations, it can be used as an auxiliary means of water supply or drainage. Table 1. Main technical data Name of parts Material Brand Normative and technical documentation Vane elbowWorking wheelBearing shields Ordinary version SCH 15 GOST 1412-85 Electric pump housing Art. 3 GOST 16532-70 Blade outletWorking wheel Bearing shields Special version Bronze BrOTsS5-5-5 GOST 613-79 Electric pump housing Art. 12Х18Н10Т GOST 5632-72
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Submersible centrifugal pumping units ECPK, manufactured according to TU 3631-024-00162984-2014, are intended for injection into injection wells of industrial wastewater with a density of no more than 1400 kg / m3, with a temperature of up to 333K (60 ° C), hydrogen index ( pH) from 5.4 to 9, total mineralization - no more than 250 g / l, with the content of mechanical impurities up to 0.1 g / l. Climatic modification - U * and HL *. Pumps are used in the oil industry to maintain reservoir pressure in oil fields. Design: High technical and economic indicators and increased reliability of operation of units produced by the Molot-Mechanika Plant in comparison with similar units from other manufacturers is provided primarily due to design features: special bronze or stainless steel, and the fasteners are made of corrosion-resistant steel, which ensures durability of work in an aggressive environment. If necessary (as agreed with the customer), it is possible to select special grades of bronze, steel, rubber for the unit to operate in special conditions. -the unit uses graphite-fluoroplastic or rubber-metal radial bearings, depending on the properties of the pumped medium; - self-aligning segment thrust bearings (thrust bearings) made of graphite-fluoroplastic are used in the engine and in the pumping part, which increases the reliability of the unit; - the units use sealed water-filled electric motors. The mechanical seal installed on the rotor shaft eliminates the contact of an aggressive environment with the stator-rotor package and the winding, which significantly increases the service life of the electric motor; - engines for units operating in difficult conditions are designed with an additional power reserve in accordance with high mine requirements; -copper-filled rotor is made of type-setting of electrical steel, which ensures a decrease in magnetic losses, an improvement in starting characteristics and an increase in the efficiency of the engine; - a winding wire with reinforced insulation is used, which increases the reliability of the engine; - improved engine cooling circuit. In engines with a power of 250 kW and above, a forced circulation system is used. - when installing the unit in a well and a large-diameter well, a cooling jacket is provided to ensure a normal cooling mode of the engine. UETsPK standard size Q, m3 / day Q, m3 / h H, m N, kW (at 1000 kg / m3) N, kW (at 1200 kg / m3) Pump weight, kg D, mm L pump, mm U, V Weight unit, kg Unit length, mm 16-2000-160 2000 83.3 160 90 110 275 375 980 380 or 1150 or 2200 or 3000 or 6000 727 2440 16-2000-200 2000 83.3 200 90 110 310 375 1020 762 2480 16-2000-450 2000 83.3 450 190 220 900 375 1930 1993 4731 16-2000-900 2000 83.3 900 375 500 1734 375 3365 3490 6799 16-2000-1400 2000 83.3 1360 442 700 2584 375 4909 4404 8489 16-3000-160 3000 125 160 90 115 210 375 895 662 2355 16-3000-200 3000 125 200 110 132 265 375 1095 741 2615 16-3000-250 3000 125 250 150 180 320 375 1145 852 2805 16-3000- 500 3000 125 500 280 500 785 375 1905 2541 5339 16-3000-1000 3000 125 930 435 700 1526 375 3055
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The plant offers long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation in the manufacture, supply, commissioning, maintenance of pumping units ANPSH. ANPSh & ndash; mine submersible pumping units that have no analogues in the CIS, designed for pumping water from coal mines, quarries, tunnels, mines, etc. In comparison with traditional pumps and submersible electric motors used for these purposes, as well as with imported analogs, ANPSh pumping units have a number of advantages: - flow ranges & mdash; from 25 to 630 m3 / h; -pressure ranges & mdash; from 50 to 450 m & mdash; the adaptability of the units to the parameters of the domestic power supply (for imported equipment, the maximum deviations of the supply voltage, as a rule, are only 5%); & mdash; the presence of a casing for cooling the electric motor, which allows the unit to be used in an open space; & mdash; complete set with hermetic submersible electric motor & mdash; ADP & mdash; widespread use of bronzes and stainless steels in flow passages and body parts. Brief technical characteristics: operating mode & ndash; long lasting; AC voltage & mdash; 380 V (for electric motors over 250 kW - 3000 V); total mineralization (dry residue) & mdash; no more than 8000 mg / l; hydrogen exponent (pH) & mdash; 5.5 to 9.5; temperature of the pumped-over water & mdash; up to 60 ° C; mass fraction of solid mechanical impurities & mdash; no more than 0.1%; chloride content & mdash; no more than 800 mg / l; sulfate content & mdash; no more than 2000 mg / l; hydrogen sulfide content is not more than 5 mg / l.
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Artistic casting of metals. Cast iron. Bronze. Brass. Figurines, sculptures, small architectural forms. Any form according to your request. Castings weighing up to 450 kg.
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Artistic slabs. Small architectural forms. Bas-relief. According to your terms of reference. Cast iron, bronze. Exterior elements.
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A full-bodied metal document. A personal gift. Your data engraving. Exclusively for graduates of higher educational institutions. The memorial sign is cast from metal, it is based on the official emblem of the educational institution, the graduate's personal information is engraved on it, it contains the factory stamp and a unique serial number. This is an author's handmade product. Exclusive manufacturer - the Molot plant. The size of the full configuration of the product is 40 cm x 25 cm. It is offered to manufacture graduates in several versions: on a wooden base or without, bronze or aluminum with anodizing and patinating. Gift to the head, a gift to a businessman, a gift to a graduate, the best gift, a gift to a man, a diploma to the office, a gift to a specialist, not a wall in an office, a diploma on a wall, an exclusive gift, a personalized gift, for universities, a gift to a student, a worthy gift.
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