Mine submersible pumping units
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The plant offers long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation in the manufacture, supply, commissioning, maintenance of pumping units ANPSH. ANPSh & ndash; mine submersible pumping units that have no analogues in the CIS, designed for pumping water from coal mines, quarries, tunnels, mines, etc. In comparison with traditional pumps and submersible electric motors used for these purposes, as well as with imported analogs, ANPSh pumping units have a number of advantages: - flow ranges & mdash; from 25 to 630 m3 / h; -pressure ranges & mdash; from 50 to 450 m & mdash; the adaptability of the units to the parameters of the domestic power supply (for imported equipment, the maximum deviations of the supply voltage, as a rule, are only 5%); & mdash; the presence of a casing for cooling the electric motor, which allows the unit to be used in an open space; & mdash; complete set with hermetic submersible electric motor & mdash; ADP & mdash; widespread use of bronzes and stainless steels in flow passages and body parts. Brief technical characteristics: operating mode & ndash; long lasting; AC voltage & mdash; 380 V (for electric motors over 250 kW - 3000 V); total mineralization (dry residue) & mdash; no more than 8000 mg / l; hydrogen exponent (pH) & mdash; 5.5 to 9.5; temperature of the pumped-over water & mdash; up to 60 ° C; mass fraction of solid mechanical impurities & mdash; no more than 0.1%; chloride content & mdash; no more than 800 mg / l; sulfate content & mdash; no more than 2000 mg / l; hydrogen sulfide content is not more than 5 mg / l.
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