Shield gates
Shield gates
Shield gates
Shield gates
Shield gates
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Sandors and penstock Universal panel gates with manual and electric drives (general industrial and explosion-proof design), shandors (shield gates without a drive), are designed to overlap trays, openings in chambers, to shut off sedimentation tanks in emergency situations, as well as in case of repairs ... Can be used in any sewerage facilities (primary and secondary radial sedimentation tanks, grid buildings, pumping stations, digester tanks, etc.), water supply, drainage and irrigation systems, etc. At present, the production of any standard sizes of panel gates has been mastered, as well as modifications of `` ХТ '' & mdash; resistant to aggressive media (sea water, treatment facilities, channels of metallurgical and chemical plants, mine waters), made of stainless steel, ethylene-propylene rubber, bronze, etc. The plant is constantly working on the modernization of the design of the valves, the use of progressive materials in the direction of reducing material consumption and improving technical characteristics. The design of the shield seal has been developed, allowing its use in places with reversible fluid flows, the wedge lock method has been improved for greater tightness, the installation scheme has been tested without the use of concrete and improvements. Taking into account the wishes of the designers, emergency opening gates, bypass gates, gates with a semicircular threshold have been introduced into serial production. Simplicity of design, installation, durability, low prices, minimum production time, guarantees of uninterrupted operation have made it possible to successfully use panel gates of LLC `` Molot-Mechanics Plant '' at various structures in Ukraine, CIS countries and far abroad.
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